Friday, April 6, 2012

Reds April 6

Saturday will be the first game I'm attending this year.  One going on 25. 

This will be my first look at Latos.  Dude will be a huge part of this years success.  It will be interesting to see how he reacts to his first homer given up that lands in the first row of the seats.  He's use to pitching in the huge park that is Petco. 

We'll probably see Heisey starting in this one so that'll make some whiners happy.

Marlins have 7 hits in two games this year.  They'll hit this year, but hopefully they don't start doing anything until Monday.

Back to a half game out of first with the Cardinals win today.  Have to keep pace, ha. 

The Phillips news.  Hey, if he wants to sign for less years to be a part of this year, then let's do it.  If they can keep him, Bruce, and Votto for awhile, this could be the Big Red Machine II.  Don't want to look too much into it until it's written in ink.


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