Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reds Game #3

Well, I had to witness another loss.  Another game though where the Reds had many chances to win. 

First and second no one out in the sixth and they can't get a run across.  Stubbs on third with no outs in the eighth and they can't get him in.  At the time it didn't look like either would matter since the deficit was large, but when you lose by two in the end, it's hard to not think about those things.

Bullpen looked great again.  Didn't give up a run in 5.2 innings.  Simon didn't look great, but he didn't give up a run so it'll do.  Hoover looks really good.  Arredondo honestly looks unhittable and Ondrusek has still not given up a run all year.

Leake struggled as we all know.  He just hits too much of the plate.  He's like a Maddux, needs to hit spots and keep the ball moving in and out.  When he leaves them over the plate they are going to hit it since he only throws in the mid 80's.  Im thinking it's mental for him, and he honestly might not be able to get through it this year, might be time for a change.  And I'm usually not the guy to call for changes, we'll see what happens.

Tough luck of the night goes to Scott Rolen.  He went 0-4, if you look at the boxscore you would think, well there is another bad night for old creaky Rolen.  Well, that would be not true at all.  Rolen smoked a liner right to the second baseman.  Then when two were on in the sixth he hit a gapper to left center that the center fielder ran down.  Then in the ninth he drilled one to center that looked to be gone but the center fielder made a catch running right into the fence.  Rolen is seeing the ball really well right now, I don't know how long it will last but the Reds need to ride it as long as they can.

Ok, a little Votto smack here.  The guy is one of the best hitters in the game, we obviously know that.  But that at bat he had where he fouled off seven pitches and then doubled to the left center gap had me really puzzled.  It's hard to make this argument since he came away with a great result but here it goes.  Those six balls he fouled off in a row were some of the worst swings I have ever seen.  He was punching the ball, swinging late, barely tipping them, looking like an idiot.  You could say he was fighting them off, which is true, but he is swinging because they are strikes and he doesn't want to strikeout, I get it.  But I'm standing there thinking, what exactly are you looking for?  And when you get that "perfect" pitch are you going to drive it, or take another stupid swing.  I don't know how to say this, but the guy just mindfucks himself so much.  I dont know, just something I was thinking.

It was some kind of kids night last night, middle schoolers everywhere, super annoying. 

Back to back jacks in the ninth was cool.  I was thinking if they could have gotten Votto up they would have won, just dug too deep of a hole early.

Cueto will get the Reds back on track tonight, no doubt about that.  We'll be there for Game 4 of our Reds 2012 extravaganza.  1-2 when I'm in attendance, it'll only get better.  Have a good weekend.  Out.


Cincinnati Reds' Jay Bruce, left, slides safely into home plate past Houston Astros catcher Jason Castro, right, after a Todd Frazier triple during the fifth inning of a baseball game, Friday, April 27, 2012, in Cincinnati. The Astros won 6-4. (AP Photo/David Kohl)

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