Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reds April 18

Pretty big game tonight if you ask me.  Latos needs to step up and show us something.  I believe that he will.  Only reason that doesn't excite me?  Because even if he gives up two runs, that might not be good enough for this team to win right now.  It'll get better, it has to, it can't get worse.  But when?  Today, tomorrow, next week, May, All Star break?  No one really knows, we can only hope.  I hope we score so we can win, but also because each game is getting more and more unwatchable.  I want to have fun, right now I'm not.

Tonights pick to click will be......drumroll please.......Drew Stubbs.  Not sure what he'll do to get that honor, but he'll come through with something.  I just have that feeling.

Like I've been saying on facebook the last couple of days, I use to not get into the Dusty issue, but now, I can't let it go.  He is hurting this team.  Not killing the team because the players aren't doing anything to help, but he is NOT putting guys in situations to succeed.  And really, that is your only job, put your players in positions to succeed.  I'm just going to give two examples from last night.  One was in the tenth inning last night when Mesoraco led off with a single.  No outs.  Pitcher spot up.  Ok, you need a pinch hitter.  Motte is on the mound.  Motte pretty much is throwing heaters, nothing else.  You have Chris Heisey who is a fastball hitter.  Well, some people say that Heisey doesn't hit lefties well enough.  Ok, Motte is a righty.  Heisey doesn't start because he's a good pinch hitter.  Ok, so this is clearly his ideal situation.  So who comes up?  Willie Harris.  The guy who is hitting less than .100.  I mean cmon, really?  There is no way that was the right call, no way at all.  The second one really isn't a situation, it's just a comment.  How do you play a ten inning game against your rival and not use your two best relievers and two best pinch hitters?  How does that even happen?  You have to try to be that pathetic.

One last thing on Dusty.  What exactly is the right situation for Chapman?  Does Dusty know?  Does Walt know?  Does Chapman know?  Heck, I certainly don't know.  He only threw 25 pitches on Sunday, off day on Monday, and somehow they didn't want to bring him in on Tuesday?  I just don't get it.  If having your best reliever on the mound in the ninth and tenth in a division game isn't the right move, then let's just do it, move him to the rotation.  I was ok with him being in the pen because I thought he could help the team the most there, but if they aren't even going to use him, then ya, let's start the experiment.

Oh, and get use to the new lineups.  I'd have to imagine that Dusty is feeling a little bit of pressure, and if he is, then he is going to start trying things.  He doesn't want to sit at home after being fired and think to himself, maybe I should have tried this, or maybe that.  He has to try.

The only defense right now for Dusty is that he doesn't have a whole lot to play with.  I mean look at the averages right now.  What the hell is he suppose to do really?  Which brings me back to the first point.  It'll turn around, but when, and who will get it going?  Good thing each night brings a new opportunity.  Cmon Reds, make this summer enjoyable.


Cincinnati's Ryan Ludwick rounds the bases after hitting a grand slam off Ross Detwiler during the first inning. Tyler Clippard had his problems in the 11th, allowing three runs in the Nationals' 8-5 loss. (Associated Press)

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