Monday, March 7, 2011

Conference Tourney Predictions

Predictions for the Ten Big Conference Tourneys.  So really, you can guarantee these outcomes won't happen...

Duke over North Carolina
Duke is just a little better of a team and should be able to win on a neutral floor.

Temple over Duquesne
Xavier chokes every year.  They'll lose somewhere along the way.  Temple will have a tough one with Richmond, but of course I'm not going to pick against them.

Big 12
Kansas over Texas
Kansas has a tough game against Kansas State, but other than those three teams, none of the other teams are very good.

Big East
Notre Dame over St. Johns
ND looks good right now, but lets be honest, who knows about this league.

Big Ten
Wisconsin over Ohio State
Guessing that OSU's depth will have them tired and Wisconsin will wear them down in the final.  But Wisky will have to get by Purdue first.  OSU has a cakewalk to the final.

Conference USA
UTEP over Memphis
No idea, just a guess.

Kent State over Miami
Of course I want to pick OU, but I don't want to jinx them.

Mountain West
I'm picking UNLV to know off SDSU.  Then BYU won't be able to handle the Rebels on their homecourt.

Pac 10
USC playing better than Arizona and Washington right now.  This will be a good underrated tourney to watch.

Kentucky over Florida
I just hope Tennessee gets beat and misses the tourney, they suck.  Really hate Florida but they just seem to win.

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