Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Nights Spreads...

Alabama at Florida (-6)
Florida to win and cover and expose Alabama as a fraud.  They just are not a good team.

Illinois at Purdue (-9.5)
Purdue to cover and expose  Illinois as a fraud.  I can't believe they are still considered in the tourney on a lot of these projections.  They aren't good and can't beat anyone.

Missouri at Nebraska (-1.5)
Nebraska to win and cover.  Mizzou is one of the worst road teams in the country.  Can't see them pulling this one out.

Ohio State at Penn State (+6.5)
Penn State to cover.  Not callling the victory here, but I think they will keep it closer then seven.

Vanderbilt at Kentucky (-8)
Vandy to cover.  In fact, if there was a time to pick a straight up road upset, I think this would be my pick.  Kentucky's home win streak is going down tonight against the 'dores.

15 days everyone, can't wait!!!!


  1. Florida, Purdue, Mizzou, Ohio State, Vandy.

  2. Florida, Purdue, Neb, PennSt, Vandy

  3. Florida....Purdue....Nebraska....Ohio State.....Vandy to cover but not win

  4. florida, purdue, nebraska, ohio state, vandy

  5. Florida. Illinois. Neb. Ohio State. Vandy.