Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturdays Preview

Lots of Championship games and other games.  Spreads weren't out when I posted this so you can just pick winners, no spread.  Our biggest pickem day ever.  Hopefully you get your picks in....

Michigan vs. Ohio State
Have to go with OSU.  Better team, more size, better coaching.  OSU doesn't like to blow teams out, but I still have them winning this one easily.

Clemson vs. North Carolina
Don't like either of these teams personally, both have lots of holes.  I see UNC winning it, but barely.

Kentucky vs. Alabama
I see bama winning this game.  Not sold on Kentucky and Alabama plays a tougher game.  Plus they need this game more to make the dance.  Bama in a close one.

Memphis vs. UTEP (Conference USA Championship)
This game is on UTEP's home court.  Have to believe they will win it.  Memphis has been awful on the road and haven't shown up for big games.  UTEP for the W.

Stony Brook vs. Boston University (America East Championship)
Boston is the higher seed and should win.  A lot of the times, when these small schools play, the better team usually comes out on top.  I think it will happen again.  Terriers for the W.

St. Joseph's vs. Dayton
Pretty sweet that Dayton is in this game.  I hate Xavier.  Most underrated thug university in the USA.  Glad to see them lose.  Pretty funny how Dayton gets a big win like this and then pulls the 12 seed in the semi's.  Couldn't ask for a better day really.  I see Dayton winning this game but it will NOT be easy.  Saving Gregory's job?  I hope so, ha.

Morgan State vs. Hampton (Mid Eastern Athletic Championship)
Top seeds.  No clue about either team.  Coin flip says, take Hampton.

Harvard vs. Princeton (Ivy Championship)
Ivy league title on the line.  Huge game, good teams too.  I got Harvard.

Texas San Antonio vs. McNeese State (Southland Championship)
McNeese, better team and higher seed.  They have been to the tourney a few times lately.  I'll go with experience and take State.

Kansas vs. Texas (Big 12 Championship)
Should be a good game.  Texas won at Kansas earlier in the year.  It was the day after the Kansas players parent died so they weren't totally focused.  I think Kansas is the better team and Texas is a little overrated.  Jayhawks in this one.

Louisville vs. UCONN (Big East Championship)
Very unpredictable championship game here.  On one hand you have Walker who can take over a game.  On the other hand you have Louisville who has all kinds of solid role players.  I like the way Louisville is playing.  Cardinals to win and maybe pull a two seed out of this.

Duke vs. Virginia Tech
Duke to win.  Big loss since Nolan Smith got injured.  No one really knows how long he will be out, but I don't see how he plays this next game.  I don't think Va Tech is that good and Duke has some revenge for them.  Dukies.

Michigan State vs. Penn State
Wow, no one, and I mean no one saw this matchup coming.  Are you telling me MSU might pull a Big Ten title out of their ass?  Give me a break.  The PSU win was ridiculous.  35-33???  Did they forget to play the second half?  I think MSU wins this in a rout.

Florida vs. Vanderbilt
Vandy will take care of the Gators.  They are due to beat them.  Florida has a really good team though.  They win the SEC and they coudl be looking at a 3 seed and maybe even a 2.

Grambling State vs. Alabama State (SWAC Championship)
Who knows, and who cares.  One of these teams will be playing in Dayton on Tuesday or Wednesday, that's for sure.

Akron vs. Kent State (MAC Championship)
Awesome matchup.  One of the biggest rivalries in the league.  These teams hate each other, hopefully there is a sweet fight or two.  KSU is the better team and I think they'll pull it out.

Richmond vs. Temple
The biggie.  Winner gets a spot in the finals against a not so great team.  Rematch of last years title game.  Of course I'm going to pick Temple.  If they shoot like they shot Friday, they won't be even close to getting beat.  Remember they are still playing without two of their starters, and are only playing seven guys.  Shouldnt bother them, but if they get in foul trouble, you never know.

UC Santa Barbara vs. Long Beach State (Big West Championship)
Dirtbags for the title.  I use to be a big fan.  Wore LBSU hat for many years.

Washington vs. Arizona (Pac 10 Championship)
Arizona will win this.  Way better frontcourt and better athletes.  Huskies will probably dance by getting to the title game but I don't see them pulling this out.  Derrick Williams is a stud and will probably be a top five draft pick in June.

Boise State vs. Utah State (WAC Championship)
Utah State is the better team and the nationally ranked team.  Boise State will beat them.  The Aggies don't seem to be that good, just have a good record, nothing more.

BYU vs. SDSU or UNLV (Mountain West Championship)
BYU if it is against SDSU, they have already beaten them twice this year and kind of own them.  If they play UNLV, the Rebels will knock them off.  It's on UNLV's home court.  But how about Jimmer's 52 friday night?  Wow.

Vegas in five days.  Brackets come out in 41 hours, most anticipated thing of the year.  Can't Wait.


  1. OSU, North Carolina, Ky, UTEP, Boston, Dayton, Morgan St., Princeton, McNeese St., Texas, Uconn, Duke, Mich St., Florida, Alabama St., Kent St., Temple, LBSU, Arizona, Utah St., SDSU

  2. About the Memphis-UTEP game, I can't believe it started at 9:30 a.m. local time? That’s just crazy!