Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Nights Championship Games...

Four Championship games tonight.  Since these are all suppose to be the top teams of their various conferences, we don't need spreads to pick them.  Two kind of big games in the Colonial and West Coast Conference.  Tomorrow the big conferences get going, and we'll see some afternoon games.  Got to love those.

Virginia Commonwealth vs. Old Dominion (Colonial)
VCU has been playing well as of late and they are a good team.  They probably won't be able to get into the tourney without winning this game.  ODU on the other hand should be a tourney lock.  Because of that you would think VCU has more to play for.  Probably true, but ODU could get themselves a nice seed if they can win this game.  I think ODU takes it.

St. Peters vs. Iona (Metro Atlantic)
Don't really know much about these teams.  Iona has been in the tourney more so maybe they have some experience.  They are the higher see.  I say they win.  Actually no, I'm saying this is the upset.  St. Peters will beat Iona.

Wofford vs. Charleston (Southern)
Charleston is a good team and will be a team to reckon with in the tourney.  They should win this game but they had to pull one out in the semi's, so we'll see.  I'll Charleston in a route.

Gonzaga vs. St. Mary's (West Coast)
Big game.  Both teams will be squarely on the bubble if they lose this game.  I think St. Mary's will have the best chance to get in if they don't win, but I wouldn't count on it.  I think St. Mary's wins this game, they have better guard play and they played well last year in the NCAA tourney and have a lot of guys returning.  Either way, this should be the game of the night. 

And so begins the second best week of the season.  Next week is the best, then it's baseball season.  Vegas in ten days, Opening day in about 25, Masters in about 30.  Great time of the year.  Cue some stupid pop song as the theme.