Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturdays Spreads

A little late I know.  Just get your picks in.  If one of the games already started then we'll still count it if you didn't look at the score.  We are on the honor system here.  Just not the BYU honor code system.

Louisville at West Virginia (-3.5)
I'm going to take Louisville to cover and this one and probably win.  They looked really good the other day.  Their white boys can crash the glass.

Kansas at Missouri (+3)
Kansas to roll.  I don't like Mizzou.  I think they are two wins from missing the tourney.

Georgetown at Cincinnati (-3.5)
Cincy in this one.  They are playing with some confidence right now.

Notre Dame at UCONN (-3)
Notre Dame for sure.  UCONN only has one player and I think Notre Dame is a pretty good team.  A sneaky Final Four pick.

Villanova at Pittsburgh (-9)
Nova to cover, but no chance to win.  They won't make it through the first weekend in the dance.

Florida at Vanderbilt (-4)
Vandy to win and cover.  Should be a good game, but they play well at home.

Duke at North Carolina (-1)
UNC to win.  Duke is going to get whooped since they don't have the home crowd whistles.

Texas at Baylor (+4)\
Texas to roll.  I know they have been struggling lately, but I just really really don't like Baylor.  They lose way too many games they should win.  They'll probably make the tourney which is laughable.  Thank God they didn't go to 96 teams.


  1. wv, ks, cincy, nd, pitt, fl, nc, tx


  2. wow, what a fantastic day for me. where am i at goodwin? 60%-65%?