Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Nights Notes

Plan on doing some notes everyday if I can through March.  March Madness is upon us and the excitement is about to begin.  Conference Tournaments started today and the action won't stop until April 4th.  Some teams are trying to get in the tourney, some are trying to win their tourney to get in.  Bottom line, everyone has a chance.  For some, it only takes ten straight wins to be National Champions.  Lets do this.

1.  Go Bobcats.  OU has now 8 out of 10 league games and have moved to 9-6 in league.  They play at Miami on Friday night.  A win could get them a first round bye in the MAC Tourney.  Never could have seen that coming a few weeks ago.  DJ Cooper is a stud.

2.  Virginia Tech, ha, they suck.  So funny how Vitale said like five teams Saturday after the Duke win that the Hokies are a lock since they beat Duke.  Uh, no, you aren't a lock with a 19-9 record in a weak ACC and you lose at home by 15 to Boston College.  You're still on the bubble, but hardly a lock.

3.  Didn't watch the OSU game, but I can see by the score that they are the real deal.  They probably have the best starting five in college basketball.  People say they arent deep, I say who cares.  If you can stay out of foul trouble, then you are good.  You don't get tired in college basketball when there are tv timeouts every four minutes. 

4.  Baylor, give me a break.  You're done.  Book your NIT tickets.

5.  Illinois.  Do they deserve to be in?  I don't think so, but some do.  8-9 in the Big Ten and 12 losses overall?  Seems like a reach for me, but who knows.

6.  Big South and Horizon league tournaments kicked off.  Only upset of note was #2 Liberty going down to #7 High Point.  Ya, no one cares, but it's interesting to see some of these teams because one of them will pulll a big first round upset in the dance.

7.  Haley Snodgrass dropped a nice 5-0 today in the spreads picks.  She's still below .500 overall, but she has won five straight, no denying that.  Congrats.

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