Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sorry, haven't really posted anything on my feelings on the tourney.  Once again, great tourney.  Lots of close games, lots of bad calls, lots of buzzer beaters, same old show.  I personally don't like the lower seeds making the finals, just doesn't seem right.  But of course they earned so good for them. Some highlights on the tourney....

Temple buzzer beater, awesome.  Juan Fernandez is a stud and will only get better next year along with the rest of the Temple team.

Butler has to have a sore ass, I don't think they can pull any more games out their ass in one year, not possible.

Notre Dame and Texas suck and blew up every one of my brackets.

Buckeyers falter again along with Duke.  Both of those teams are better than everyone else, along with Kansas, but if you have an off game, you need someone to step up, and neither of them did. 

UCONN is on freaking fire, when will they slow down?  They might win the whole freaking thing. 

Out of all the upsets, the two brackets on the left with Duke and Ohio State had ONE, count it, ONE, total upset in the first round.  Marquette over Xavier.  Crazy right?

My predictions for the remainder are Kentucky over UCONN and Butler over VCU.  Kentucky to win it all.  Calipari's first title and in one of the seasons that no one would have thought it would happen.

Prediction for next year.  UCLA to be number one.  Lots of talent coming back along with the Wear twin transfers from UNC. 


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  1. Heartbreaker for my Buckeyes but you nailed it. No one stepped up. Kentucky played a great defensive game and Sully couldn't do THAT much against Harrelson. Hate Kentucky. Always have. Always hated Calipari too. But they really seem to have a plan for every team they meet and I don't see that changing this weekend. Also, despite my hatred for Kentucky, I would love to have Harrelson on my team. Seems like a true good-guy and plays hard.
    Still, I'm rooting for Butler!