Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reds 3/30...

Landed in Columbus earlier this afternoon.  Ha, snow and sleet?  Give me a break.  Looks like the high for Opening Day is suppose to be 48.  That's cold, but I think it has been colder recently on a couple of Opening Days. 

Munch, thanks for the wedding advice.  Don't be an idiot is the best advice I've gotten so far.  I'll let Schellhause break that rule.

Burton to the DL.  He becomes the fifth guy on the DL currently.  Jordan Smith was brought up in his place.  Smith had a good year last year and has a ton of confidence so I feel good about him on the team.

Bailey and Cueto are both due to come off the DL by Friday of next week.  Hopefully they will only miss the two starts that they were originally scheduled to miss.

Opening Day lineup will be exactly as it should be....


Look for the Reds to finally get an Opening Day win.  Gallardo is good, but he isn't dominant like the starters the Reds have faced in the last few years.  Hopefully they can get some runs right out of the gate and hang on for the victory.  Yes, this is only the first game, but all 162 games count equally, so this is a big game just like all the rest.

Who is going to the game?  We'll be at the game Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully it's near 60 degrees so I don't freeze to death.  Enjoy one of the top five sports days of the year.  Til next time...


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