Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reds 3/29....

Two more nights before the season starts.  I don't know when this went down, but Opening Day got changed to 2PM, I like it. 

My official prediction for the season will be for the Reds to finish first in the Central with a 88-74 record.  Second place and hot on the Reds heels will be the Brewers.  I think the Cubs will hang in until the final month and finish over .500.  I kind of see a very down year for the Cardinals.  Yes I hate them and am kind of biased, but I just don't think they can hang with their pitching and depth.  After that I see the Reds winning a game or two in the playoffs but ultimately bowing out without a series win.  Of course I hope I'm wrong, just wanted to get a prediction out there.

Other predictions....

Team MVP
Joey Votto.  I think he has nearly the same numbers as last year.  Yes his numbers were great last year, but they could have been better.  I see him having another dominant year but not exactly getting better and having a memorable year.  But of course if he puts up the same numbers, he will be in the MVP race again.

Team Cy Young
I'm going to go with Volquez.  Easy prediction I know, but I think he comes out and dominates.  He said he wants a big contract but wants to earn it.  What is a better motivator then money?  He'll be in the National League Cy Young race and finish with 18 wins.

Most Improved (Offense)
Most improved from the year before will be Hernandez. He's got a good stroke and had more lineouts then anyone last year.  I see him putting up a lot more RBI's.

Most Improved (Pitching)
Cordero.  He'll be a top notch closer again this year.

Breakout Season (Offense)
Stubbs.  I'm seeing .275, 30 jacks and 30 stolen bases.  We all can dream right?

Breakout Season (Pitching)
Homer on the starting side.  It's time dude.  Put a whole season together.  Make us loyal followers proud.  On the relief side, I see Ondrusek just being that dominant guy that most teams have for the seventh inning.  With his tall frame, he is pitching down to hitters and with his slider it'll just drop right down from the sky on them.

Weak Year (Hitting)
I see Rolen really falling off and maybe eventually getting replaced by Francisco.  I like Rolen and when he is hot, he can really rake.  He just seems like he is on his last leg and the second half of last year left a lot to be desired.

Weak Year (Pitching)
I think the dropoff starter will be Leake.  I like the guy and hope I am wrong again, but he has to hit his spots and once teams start to figure out his pattern they'll start tattooing him.  As far as the bullpen, look for Bray to finally get exposed.  When he does, hopefully Willis will be ready to step in as the early inning lefty.  Chapman will dominate the eighth so if Bray falters, it won't hurt us too bad.

Stat Predictions...
Homers   Votto
RBI's      Votto
Avg.        Bruce
SB          Stubbs
K's         Gomes
BB's       Votto

Wins       Volquez
ERA       Arroyo
K's         Volquez
GS          Arroyo
Saves     Cordero

Send in your predictions.  Put yours in writing so we can compare later.  Til next time...



  1. First things first - Good luck and Congrats in advance, Curt! I wish I had some magical advice for marriage but I don't. Just don't be an idiot.

    On to the Reds -

    Record - 88-75 - Yes, we finish the season at 87-75 and WIN a one-game playoff vs the Brew Crew. (I see us tying and HOPEFULLY win the one-game playoff for the division. Not sure, in reality, if we could win a one-game matchup vs the Brewers) I also think the Cards will fall mightily. I don't really know why, they seemed to improve in the off-season but it's just a feeling. Maybe it's just based purely on the loss of Wainwright? Don't know.

    Team MVP - Vottomatic. Don't really need to go into too much detail here. He'll produce much like last year and that seals the deal.

    Team Cy Young - This is really up in the air. Leake, Wood, and Volquez all have that potential. Instead of drawing a name out of a hat, I'll give it to Volquez now because he seems to have the edge.

    Most Improved Offense - Jay Bruce. He came on strong in the second half last year and I think he does the same thing for the whole year this year. With his stellar D, he may challenge Votto for Team MVP. I also think Gomes will improve, mainly because he couldn't possibly get much worse, can he? He's got potential.

    Most Improved Pitcher - I agree with you that Ohno CoCo will improve. He seemed to pitch well towards the end of the season last year. Chapman will have his chances to shine. It's up in the air whether or not he can deliver. I think he get's comfortable pitching more often, with the pressure off a bit, and becomes Mr Reliable like Rhodes did last year.

    Break Out Season Offense - Well, I'm going with Jay Bruce. While I put him for Most Improved, I think that just naturally puts him in for "Break Out". I'm serious guys, I think he may finally play in the mid-summer classic.

    Break Out Season Pitching - Homer. Agree with you completely. It's time.

    Weak Year Hitting - Rolen just because I don't see anyone else faltering at the plate THAT bad this year. By process of elimination (and after reading your thinking) it just seems like a better guess to go with Rolen.

    Weak Year Pitching - Kills me to say this. The guy's been solid and knows how to win. But how much of that is luck? Seemed to get a lot of it last year. He'll get his wins, he won't suck by any means, but compared to years past, I just think he'll have a rougher go of it this season. I pray I'm way off on this prediction, but I think it's Bronson Arroyo.

    Stat Predictions...
    Homers Votto
    RBI's Votto
    Avg. Bruce
    SB Phillips
    K's Gomes
    BB's Votto

    Wins Volquez
    ERA Wood
    K's Volquez
    GS Volquez
    Saves Cordero

  2. Also, remember that I've been pretty engrossed in college basketball this winter so some of my thoughts might not make any sense. Just had to put some predictions out there before the season started!

  3. NL Central Standings
    1. Reds
    2. Cubs
    3. Brewers
    4. Cardinals
    5. Pirates
    6. Astros

    MVP/HR/Avg. - Votto
    MIP - Bruce
    SB/SO - Stubbs
    Wins - Volquez/Arroyo Tie

    World Series
    Phillies vs Red Sox