Thursday, March 31, 2011

Game 1 Recap 3/31.....

Holy crap.  How awesome was that?  You kind of saw it coming at the end there.  Axford was only throwing fastballs on the outside corner.  Ya he dropped a curve on Bruce, but other than that he was only throwing outside heaters.  Oh wait, Hernandez ONLY swings at outside heaters.  He was probably licking his chops on that one.  He is super clutch. 

But in true Curt Goodwin form I have to stay on par.  One game is only one game.  Nice to be 1-0 but its a long haul.  Lots of players had good games today.  Bullpen did a very good job and kept the Reds in it, and their best bullpeners didn't even pitch.  Pretty much every hitter looked good except Gomes and Janish.  And their problems were obvious, pulling their shoulders and heads like crazy.  That'll be fixed by Saturday.

Volquez gets off the hook.  Like I said, it wasn't a good game by him by any means but it wasn't so bad that I have bad vibes about him or anything.

Next game is Saturday.  Wood on the hill.  Lets hope for a first inning homer since we'll be at the cocktail hour and I want to see some fireworks on the river. 

And of yeah, I'd like to officially welcome back the 75,000 bandwagon jumpers that left after the first few innings.  Welcome back, losers, ha.  Til next time....



  1. What a game. I convinced myself that it's just one game. Reds weren't showing ANY signs of life yesterday. I had accepted the loss, looked ahead to the next 161. It's a long season. Yet, I couldn't just "give it up". Sat there through the 9th at the BA with Webby. We went through a few scenarios where we could tie. Held my breath on every pitch. Then it happened, and I quickly changed my mind that this one game was suddenly huge and not just another game. Funny how that works.
    B came up HUGE on dodging the tag in the 9th. Obviously the homerun is the play of the game, but that doesn't happen if B get's tagged.
    I thought the balk was the nail in the coffin. That was bad, especially at that point in the game. EV had a rough start, but we got what, 6 and 1/3 out of him? I wouldn't have guessed that when he was at 50-60 pitches in the 2nd.
    Great game, fun to watch, and a memory that will last a lifetime.

  2. Check out Haley's pictures from the wedding. Got one with a Reds player.