Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reds 3/24.....

Another loss today, 15-13, lots of runs given up by the pitching staff again.  Wood gave up seven runs in 5 and a third but like I said about Bailey yesterday, he got his work in, stayed away from walks and looked good at times.  He's healthy and will be ready for the season.

Jose Arredondo is starting to look like Jose Acevedo.  I know he missed all of last year, but he is not good right now. He'll be on the next cut list for sure.  His ERA is over 16 right now. 

Burton and Cordero had scoreless innings.  They have had good springs.

As far as the hitting goes, of course with 13 runs, some guys had good days.  Gomes hit his third jack and looks like he might be ready to turn the corner.  He was having a very poor spring and some are wondering why he is just being given the starting spot with Sappelt and Heisey having such good springs.  To me, Gomes should be the full time starter, but by full time I mean maybe 120 games.  Heisey should get a handful of starts too.  I fear that starting Heisey too much could result in a downward spiral for him like Bruce and Stubbs went through in their second years.  Once the opposition gets a book on you they can strike you out more. Then you adjust.  Heisey struck out a bunch last year and he may struggle at the beginning of the year.
As far as Lewis goes, he is struggling really badly.  I don't see him making the team right now.

I gave the 36 guys left in camp in Tuesday's blog.  Here are the 11 that I think will be cut by the beginning of the season.






There are some interesting parts to this roster though.  Arredondo doesn't have any options so he might be put on the DL at the beginning of the season, and then brought up when someone needs replaced, hurt or sucking. 

If Cueto starts the season on the DL then Leake or LeCure could take the 25th spot.

If Dusty wants to carry a lefty pinch hitter then Hermida or Francisco could take a spot, im just not sure who's spot they take.  Cairo?  Renteria?  I don't think Dusty puts those guys in the minors.  I could see Francisco playing a big part this year though, I just don't trust Rolen staying healthy at all.

Then there is the Sappelt factor.  Dude is batting over .530 with another homer to dead center today.  The dude just straight rakes.  How do you keep him off the roster?  You keep him off because he doesn't really have a track record.  He will play a big part once someone eventually gets hurt, just like Heisey did last year.

How do you guys think the roster will shape up?  Let me know.

Five more games until they break camp.  High of 50 and 30% chance of rain on opening day now.  That seems about right for Cincy.  Til next time....



  1. Sappelt has a track record. He was the Reds minor league hitter of the year in 2010. My issue isn't with him not being on the roster, as I dont see room for him to play with Heisey Bruce and Stubbs ahead of him.

    My main gripe is not cutting/trading/whatever w Hernandez and promoting Mez to the big league club. Mez not only hits like a boss, he threw out 40% of would be base stealers last year.

    The pitching is in a lot of trouble. LeCure and Maloney aren't even close to what Homer is or has the potential to be. Leake, despite one good half season and the Greg Maddux comparisons, scares the hell out of me.

    Volquez can't throw strikes, but then w a bb/9 ration over 4 for his career who is really surprised. He might have the stuff of an opening day starter but is far from being an OD pitcher.

    Arroyo will be feeling the effects of Mono until the ASB.

    Cueto who really knows about? I like him the most of any pitcher in the rotation but the Reds medical staff has never been overly honest about injuries to their guys. I remember Homer having a small issue last year that lasted nearly 3 months.

    Wood will be ok. Francisco is going to have to step it up big time(if he is given the chance) Dusty would much rather stick a vet who he KNOWS will hit .240 with no power and a mediocre glove than gamble with a kid like JFran would could possibly give you 20-30 HRs.

    Lastly, every team in the NL central improved from 2010 to this season. EXCEPT one. Our beloved Cincy Reds. There is no big bat to protect Votto in the lineup( I hope Bruce can be that guy this year) and we have no dominant starter #1. I'm worried but I have faith. I am really excited about the wealth of talent in Louisville

  2. I forgot to add. The bullpen is the one place I am very confident in. Hard to argue w a good COCO and Chapman. Ondrusek is also a boss RP

  3. I think I pretty much addressed everything you said in my new post. I think we are on the same page on everything. And there is a 99% chance that won't last for more than a week, ha.