Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another boring inning...

421 to right center?  Christ.  Even Nagel couldn't put it out with a softball and he can hit it out of every park.

Two weak fly outs and an easy K.  Nothing doing that inning.  I guess Gomes got a jam shot to fall.  Maybe it's turning for him.  When it's not going well, those are caught, maybe they start falling.

Let's see if Cueto can pepper the strikezone like only he can.  These guys aren't going to rake tonight, so just put it in there and stop the free passes.

Phillips, don't use your glove, barehand everything.  Never seen a guy make so many plays barehanded.  And not only does he do it a lot but he never ever drops it, amazing.  Best play I ever saw made with the barehand, Aaron Schmitmeyer catching the pop up in foul territory where he overran it and reached back and caught it barehanded, lucky as shit.

Good inning by Cueto.  He'll get it going tonight.


Hernandez, Cueto, Stubbs.  Get on for Votto, he's due.


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