Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts on Reds and More 6/20...

Nice comment by Shulman.  He had a few doozies.  First, he said, lots of fans showing up tonight to see Girardi's Yankees.  Or the Reds dipshit.

Then he said this is the first time the Reds have had the tying run in the on deck circle all game.  Ya, except for the first inning.  Oops.

I don't think I would have wanted to be at the game tonight.  Yankees fans are superduper annoying, and probably not really fans.

You ever notice that there are a lot of fat chicks that are Yankees fans?  And lots of lesbians?  I know you have.

I'm not a fan of Votto trying to hit to all fields.  I already think he is a closet mental case.  So him up there thinking about more than hitting the ball hard worries me.  He tried to take that first pitch to right when it was right down the middle.  Then the next pitch was outside and he tried to pull it.  Just hit it hard Joey, it's what you do.

Hey Hanigan, call better pitches.  Kidding, but it's funny how many people say the catcher should get more credit.  I'm a firm disbeliever in that.

Not a bad start by Wood.  Not great by any means, but a solid start that kept the team in the game.  Just need some damn runs.

That Nunez guy has the straightest hat ever.  Kind of impressive really.

99 K's for Stubbs?  Damn, I didn't know it was that high.  But his production is good enough for him to stay in the lineup.  I don't want him moved down in the order.  We have enough guys killing rallies down there.

We'll keep a running tab on this stat.  Balls squared up by Hanigan tonight.  Another zero.

Lots of swings at 2-0 pitches out of the zone.  A little antsy.  No three run homer with no one on guys.  Just get on base.

Arredondo should just ask the ump to put the first guy on.  Why waste your arm, you're gonna walk him anyway.

Pujols out 4-6 weeks.  Good news.  Haley said you can't root for a guy to be hurt, but once he's hurt, you can be happy he's out.

Lost my ten game streak tonight in streak for the cash.  Fucking Texas.  Shutout in college baseball?  I didn't know that even happened.

Lewis is smoking hot right now.  One thing I noticed is that he doesn't swing at pitches outside of the zone very often.  Something that Heisey and Gomes do quite frequently.

Reds better get it going here.  A 1-5 homestand makes the 5-2 road trip seem pretty meaningless.

Reds should hit Granderson or someone tomorrow night in the first inning.  Payback for hitting Votto.  The Cardinals would do it.  Are they the worst or what?  Throwing at Gordon's head yesterday because Betemit bumped into Pujols.  Give me a break.  What sore losers.

Renteria pinch hitting there?  Really?  If you could have one guy up there to tie the game with a homer, who would you choose?  Ramon right?  Gomes even would have been a decent choice.  But Renteria?  No homers all year.  Has hit about less than ten balls hard all year.  Just a very very weird choice there by Dusty.  And really, an unforgivable choice.  I usually have his back, but not this time.  If he would have left Hanigan in that spot, I might have quit as a Reds fan.

NBA Draft Thursday night.  One of the top five sports events of the year for me. 

The Challenge: Rivals starts Wednesday night.  Going to be freaking awesome.  Don't miss it, we'll be blogging on it for sure.

Ok, til next time....


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