Thursday, June 9, 2011


Rolen back in the lineup.  Last time he got a break he came back and went on a tear for a week. We'll take great weeks from Rolen whenever we can get them.  He's like a Gomes, but obviously better.  Bad weeks, good weeks, just hope the good weeks come when needed and get wins.

Cueto on the hill.  Hasn't really had a bad game all year, should be able to keep that going against a weak hitting team.

Bumgarner has a bad record but a good ERA.  Need to capitalize on opportunities, unlike yesterdays game.  Can't be leaving guys on third with less than two outs, kills momentum.

My pick to click today will be Phillips, he's due.  He's a streaky player as they all are so he is bound to bounce back, I see it happening this series. 

Renteria back in the lineup.  WHY??!?!?!  That's what I say.  I mean I know why, because Dusty likes to play guys in their old parks.  Ok, hopefully this is the only game he plays.  He just can't play D or hit, so what exactly does he do? 

Go Reds.


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