Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recapping 6/13....

How about Lebrons comments about haters going back to their lives?  Ha, awesome, I mean it's true a little.  Some people just like to hate so much and it's all they do.  You need to get over it sooner or later.  BUTTTTTTT, you cannot say that if you are Lebron.  You have to know that.  Like someone was saying, Lebron is 26, looks like he's 36, and acts like he's 16. 

Jason Whitlock is so pathetic.  How does this guy even have a job?  Does anyone read his articles?  Today he comes out with one saying, Blow Up the Big Three.  Really?  Two wins short of a title and you are blowing it up?  Wow, couldn't come up with a better topic than that?  You suck.

Random thought.  Do you think Pat Riley and the Heat at least pick up the phone and call Phil Jackson?  I mean, he wouldn't come down there, but what if he did want to?  They'd win three more and Jackson would never come close to being caught in the title count.  He'd get those guys heads screwed on straight, no doubt.

Didn't watch the hockey game but from the looks of it, Vancouver didn't want any part of that game.  They just decided, lets not get hurt and let's win this at home.  Game seven in hockey, for the Cup, can't wait to watch that.

Random movie quote of the night...
Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever - Shane Falco

Some Reds notes:
-Nice job by Fox catching Votto yelling FUCK when he K'd in the first.
-How about Stubbs not going after that liner in the first.  Starts going in, stops, then takes a couple quick steps, stops, and it lands by his feet and he gets it on a hop.  Cmon dude, a little more aggressiveness.  Have fun out there, come in and give it a dive, even though on that one you wouldn't have had to.  Cost the Reds a run too.
-I like the way Janish is swinging.  Doesn't try to do too much, just tries to hit it level up the middle, that's all you need from your 8 hitter.  He's just below .240 now, that's all the Reds want.
-Great play by Janish in the field too.  Not sure how that WAR stat works, but his WAR should be 100% because his replacement (Renteria) does nothing better than him, nothing.
-Stubbs at times just looks absolutely clueless, especially on anything but a fastball. 
-Votto gets robbed twice, then goes way deep.  Bout time he gives one a shot like that.
-Good game by Heisey, he's not stupid, he knows this is an audition.
-How about that tag by Hanigan on that throw home by Heisey?  Catching it behind the plate while the guy just slides in to home.  Where the hell did you learn that?  Just not a fan of Hanigan.  Had three more missiles at the plate today, Not.
-3.5 out after this win.  Closest they've been in awhile.  Need to win this series and go home and go to work.

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