Thursday, June 9, 2011

Uneventful, which is good...

I like Hernandez talking to the ump there, it'll get him a strike or two for Cueto.  For the most part, the umps aren't going to just call worse to piss you off, if anything they'll give you a call to kind of say, "See, I'm calling them for you too."  So I like it, it can't hurt, unless you call him a cheesebag or something.

Cueto's swing is so funny.  It's worth it for the comedy.

Super easy inning for the Reds there.  Clinging to the one run lead now.  Bottom of the order for the Giants.

Cueto just dealing.  Dialing up 95 on the gun and just straight snapping off that slider.  He's about unhittable right now.  Need a couple insurance runs. 

1-0 Reds

Phillips, Votto, Bruce, lets go.


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