Friday, June 10, 2011

Ha, like I said, Gomes is feeling it now, sometimes they fall, sometimes they don't, they're all falling now.  You have to run that out though, we've all done it so I'm not going to sit here and rip on him.  If the Reds were done one, then I'd be calling for his head.

Hey, a bunt hit for Renteria.  Maybe there is something that he can to help the team.  Dusty, make him the designated late inning sac bunt guy.  You have to use him somewhere right? 

I don't bunt here.  I let Cueto hit to let him pitch the seventh.  Tough call, but it's one way or the other.  Hopefully Ramon just takes care of it himself.

He takes care of it alright, now it doesn't matter.  Fuck.

Damn, hardest ball Cueto has hit all year, ha. 

Bottom part of the order for the Giants.  Let's make this an easy one.

Cueto is almost pitching like a video game now.  I'm going to throw a heater on the black, boom.  I'm going to throw a slider down and in and he'll swing over it, boom.  Whatever he wants, wherever he wants, he does it.  Beautiful thing to watch right now.

Cueto, seven innings, 110 pitches, four hits, two walks, eight K's.  Have to imagine he's done for the night.  Dominate.  Probably Masset and Cordero for the close.

On to the eighth.

1-0 Reds

Top of the order, need an insurance run.


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