Monday, June 6, 2011

Reds Recap 6/6...

4-3 on the homestand, 31-30 overall, five games back.  Not quite 40% of the way done with the season, but dang close.  Where did the year go?  Some notes on tonights game and some thoughts on things to come.  Feel free to comment.  I know someone is reading, would like to know who if possible.  Thanks.

1. Great start by Leake tonight.  8 strong innings, peppered the strike zone.  Reds are leading the majors with walks and that has to stop.  Also had a nice RBI single.

2. How much credit does Hanigan deserve for the start?  I say none.  I hate the argument that certain catchers call great games and help the pitchers.  Bottom line is, pitchers throw the pitches, pitchers hit the spots or don't.  I agree that a certain catcher can make a pitcher feel more comfortable than another, but that shouldn't have anything to do with how they pitch that day.  Great start by Leake, coincidence that Hanigan was behind the plate.

3. If a month ago I told you that Jay Bruce would be one hit away from being a .300 hitter on June 7th how hard would you have laughed at me?  I would have been laughing at myself.  It just doesn't seem like it's really happening, but it really is.  I like the Votto comment, he said Jay just finally started hitting like he knows how.  Basically said screw it to trying to hit to all fields and crap like that.  Instead just hit the ball hard middle in and do what you do.  It's working.

4. Thom's love of Gomes is getting worse.  Saying that Gomes has the ability to carry the team more than any other player is just stupid.  When he got that RBI single Thom says, EVERYBODY is pulling for Gomes right now.  Hey Thom, are we rooting for the Reds or for Gomes?  You're confusing me.

5. Is Sean Casey getting a little kickback from Skyline every time he mentions them?  Damn.  I like Casey, he's a good dude.  Not the greatest announcer, repeats a lot, but it's ok.  I read a few tweets about how some want to make him the full time colorman.  I disagree with that, I'm still a Welsh fan.

6. Janish's WAR has got to be creeping upwards right?  Renteria should NEVER be in the game.  I realize Janish isn't the greatest shortstop in the league, but Renteria brings nothing to the table above Janish.  Let him do his job.  Guarantee you pitchers love having him in there.  They just said on Baseball Tonight that some of the sybermetrics have Janish as the best defensive shortstop in the majors.  Good to hear.

7. Reds draft a high school pitcher today in the first round.  Robert Stephenson from California.  High school player of the year in California, that has to be a good thing.  Already signed with Washington though, will be tough to get him to sign with the Reds.  We'll see I guess.

8. Just had to get this off of my chest.  How in the heck has Fukudome played 46 games, has a batting average of .310 but only has 6 RBI's?  6???  How does that happen?

9. Volquez Tuesday night.  I for one think he is going to come back strong.  His financial future depends on it.  ERA under 2 in his two starts in Louisville.  I bet he is saying a prayer or two tonight asking God to not let him give up a run in the first inning.  If he doesn't, the monkey will be removed.

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