Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of the First...

Remember that game last year when the Reds had a HUGE lead and then blew it?  Then somehow pulled it out in extras?  I remember it being an afternoon game, about gave me a heart attack.

Well the top half of that inning wasn't very exciting.  Phillips with a rip, sitting on that first pitch curve, good game plan.  That's four K's in Votto's last five at bats.  That's a funk, he'll snap out, especially because he's probably super pissed right now.  Bumgarner throws like Dave Williams use to throw.  Slow, from the side, and like a wuss.  Hopefully someone squares a few up tonight.

Four pitch walk, well, it can only get better from here.

Wow, thanks Giants.  You definitely don't steal there, unless you make it of course, then it's a good play.  DUH.

Wow, this ump is NOT giving Cueto the inside strike, had at least one there against Huff, if not two.  But as usual, Cueto is a battler.  Scoreless.


Bruce, Rolen, Gomes, Hernandez, sounds like runs, ha.


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