Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recap 6/12....

Congrats Dallas Mavericks.  Made a lot of peope happy with that win.  What is wrong with Lebron?  I feel like we are going to find out someday that he was fixing games.  He didn't even look at the hoop some of those possessions.  He just caught and passed.  Hey man, they need you, score, go to the hoop, do something.  If you do all you can and still lose then you won't get as destroyed as you will now.  Just an odd finish.

And I just wanted to point out that I picked the Mavs in six and Nowitzki as my MVP in my preview post.  Got one right, nice.

Brewers sweep the Cards and take over first.  I'm not writing the Cardinals off, but I was saying earlier this year that I don't see them being there in the end.  Bullpen sucks.  They only have two good starters and Berkman can't do it all year.  They'll falter and end up somewhere around .500.

I got hot wax from a candle thrown on me at a wedding Saturday night.  Don't worry, I didn't get burnt.  Just ruined a shirt and ruined my night.  Ha, kidding. 

Reds pitchers with 7 more walks tonight.  It is getting so frustrating to watch.  The not capitalizing on opportunities is frustrating too.  Get Renteria out of here, please.  4.5 back now with three at the Dodgers coming up.  I don't have to tell you how that usually goes.  Hovering around .500 really isn't the worse place, but if you go below, it's going to be bad. 

I'll have a 40% of the season breakdown on the Reds sometime tomorrow.  Til next time....


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