Friday, June 3, 2011

Game 2

That was one of the greatest games I think I've ever seen.  Wade and James were running like crazy, getting athletic dunks, doing things we could never dream of.  They also did some of the dumbest shit ever too.  If this was baseball, they would be drilled every time they came up for showing up the opposition. 

I've said this a bunch of times, but there needs to be a committee that watches games after the fact and fines players for flopping, screaming at refs for fouls when they didn't get fouled, and screaming at refs that they didn't foul when they clearly did.  It is getting way out of control and Wade is leading the way with his antics.  Jumping into a guy, sticking your elbow out, screaming, flopping and you get the call.  I mean come on man.

If Dirk does this one more time he is going to go down as a top ten player ever.  Seriously, the dude can't be stopped.  He can make anything and can score at any time.  Unbelievable player. 

The poise that the Mavs show is amazing.  They never panicked, just got some stops, hit some shots and finished the game.

I've said it a million times.  This is why they play 48 minutes, always have, always will. 

Awesome game, this will go at least six, maybe seven.  Classic series.

Oh, and Reds within 3.5, ha.

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