Monday, June 20, 2011

US Open Review....

Well, let's see how I did on my 20 guys...

Cabrera  Missed Cut
Casey  Missed Cut
Kuchar  14th
Donald  45th
Kaymer  39th
Westwood  3rd
Byrd  Missed Cut
Scott  Missed Cut
Stricker  19th
Toms  Missed Cut
McIlroy  WIN
Mickelson  54th
Glover  42nd
Fowler  Missed Cut
Ogilvy  Missed Cut
Sabbatini  30th
Woodland  23rd
Snedeker  11th
Van Pelt  14th
Haas  23rd

7 Missed the Cut
5 Top 15's
1 Winner

My take on Rory's week...

Dude was awesome.  He is always awesome.  Making judgements on a guys career after one win is stupid, but if you had to put money on it, gun to your head, I think you would have to say he'll be great.  If I had to guess, he'll get ten majors.  Why won't he?  He has every aspect of the game and he is young and powerful.  I guess an injury or a porn career, or he ends up in a straight jacket, that might make things differently.  But barring something crazy, I can't see him not having a great career.  In fact, I think I'll go out and guarantee he gets another one this year.

The Open as a whole was kind of disappointing because there really wasn't any drama.  I think 20 years from now we will look back and think about how Rory dominated but also how the course played probably the easiest ever for an Open setup.  Ya Rory played great, but 19 other guys were under par, 7 of them at least 5 under.  That just doesn't happen.  When Tiger was 12 under at Pebble, the next best guy was plus 3, which shows you how much he dominated compared to everyone else.  Rory played great, but even when he was in trouble, the course allowed him to get out of it, no punishment.  I think next years course will be impossible, just to make up for it. 

How about Stenson cutting his hand?  Ha. 
How about them showing Rory's dad and he was standing right next to Shane OMac?  Here comes the money!!!
How about Westwood looking exactly like Ryan Opperman?
How about YE Yang getting his Sunday shirt from Wal Mart?
How about Sergio not practicing before he tees off?  Ha, awesome.

Only a month until the British, thank God, I love the majors.  There are too few of them and they go way to fast.

Til next time....


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