Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA Finals Preview....

Well, the Heat are here, don't think a lot of people I know are happy about it, but it makes the finals more exciting to root against them.  Mavs are good, they have some good players.


Edge goes to the Heat because of Wade.  Depth though would go to the Mavs.  Kidd, Terry, and Barea can all score, can all dish, and can attack on the perimeter.  Chalmers, Jones, and Bibby can't match up to those three at all.  So ya, Wade is better than them, but they aren't overall better.


Dirk has the potential to be a top ten player of all time and he could probably score 35 a game every year if he wanted to, you just can't guard him.  They'll try to put James on him, but he won't be able to stop him either.  James is probably the best player in this series, but only because he gets to the line so much. Nowitzki will out stat him I think.  Bosh is the X Factor.  He's starting to get his points and be more aggressive.  Peja is out there too, if he gets hot he could carry the Mavs for a game or two.


Z or Anthony, both suck.  Haywood and Chandler, aren't great.  Chandler is by far the best player out of those four, but he is offensively challenged.  These guys are pretty much in the game to rebound and commit some hard fouls.

Defensively the Heat have been playing better than anyone, but the Mavs move the ball a lot better than the two teams they have recently played.  I see most games being high scoring.  I think the big kicker will be the fact that the Mavs have closers and veterans that won't wilt at the end.  The Bulls couldn't get the job done and the Heat knew it.  The Mavs will be able to finish.  I see this being a great series overall.  James will be the alpha dog and Nowitzki will set his place in history.

My official prediction will be Mavs in six with Nowitzki being the finals MVP.


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