Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching up 5/23...

Ok, haven't posted anything in awhile and I apologize for that.  We'll start doing at least the three thoughts at the end of the night again, that way there is something for you to read.  At least for ll ten or so of you loyal followers, is that just a generous guess?  Ha, maybe.

Thoughts on the moves today...

1. Volquez needed to go down.  I like the guy, but like I said yesterday, I paid my appropriate exit tax and I'm now officially off of his bandwagon.  And we all know how unlucky I am, so maybe he'll start doing better now that I'm not rooting for him in each start.

2. Jordan Smith down also.  He just doesn't have the "stuff."  Good solid pitcher, but doesn't have that look to be a good major leaguer.  Maybe I'll be wrong, but I don't think so.

3. Maloney up.  Not sure if he'll be starting Friday or not.  My guess would be no.  He'll probably come up and go in the pen right away, he'll be good there.

4. Todd Frazier joining the club for the first time in his career.  Guy has been on an absolute tear the last few weeks.  He has a unique opportunity here.  Lewis hasn't done anything special, Gomes is probably as good as gone, and we know Heisey is Baker's go to bench guy.  If he gets an opportunity he does well, he could steal the left field spot.  I'm all for that, I just don't bank on it happening.

5. Willis to the DL.  Sounds like Dusty was planning on having him pitch Friday for Volquez but it isn't going to work out.

6.  Danny Ray Herrera claimed off of waivers and is headed to the Brewers.  Good riddance.

7.  Rumor has it that Renteria left the team early Sunday after the Indians game and didn't have the proper Reds attire on.  No one is sure what that means, no official report from the Reds.

8.  One rumor said Gomes might get his outright release.  I doubt it, but we'll see.

My take on all this is that if the Reds start struggling even more than they are now, this will be looked at as a panic move by the Reds.  But, everyone that was sent down deserved it so it isn't that big of a deal. 

Big game tonight.  To be honest, it doesn't feel like a good chance at a win, but those are the games they win.  More thoughts on this series and games later.  Look for thoughts on the other sports playoffs too.  Let's get this thing fired up again.  Thanks for reading.  Til next time....


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