Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three to End It....5/23

Three thoughts on Monday's action....

1. Reds are reeling.  Another poor performance from Arroyo.  He hasn't had back to back good starts since mid April.  Stubbs, Phillips, Janish, and Lewis are all struggling right.  This has to stop soon, but I'm not so sure it will.  Now three games back on the Cardinals.  Lots and lots of games to be played, no need to panic, but these losses just continue to pile up.  The lone bright spot right now is Jay Bruce.  Has the average up over .280 with 12 jacks.  Didn't think the average would ever get that high this year.  Just hope he keeps it up.  Cueto throwing Tuesday night.  Cueto has the stuff to get these guys out.  But remember when he gave up like 10 runs in just over an inning to them two years ago?  I think if someone is going to stop the bleeding, it'll be Cueto.  And, uhhh, I hope it's Cueto.

2. Tough loss for the Lightning.  They didn't get outplayed I didn't think.  They got a few bad calls but that happens in hockey.  In hockey, sometimes you just don't win, even when you aren't outplayed.  The way the puck bounces there is a lot of luck involved.  Downie should have tied it up but Thomas just stuck his stick out and made a great save.  The announcers said miraculous, I say lucky as fuck.  But that is what happens sometimes.  Lightning are 3-0 in elimination games this year and they have a home game Wednesday.  Obviously it's a must win.  I think they still got this. 

3.  Wow, did the Thunder just blow a 15 point lead late in the second half?  Yes, yes they did.  17-2 run to end the game and push it to overtime.  Dirk just took over.  This series won't go past five games.  I was about to write about how the Thunder had a chance but not anymore.  And holy shit Russell Westbrook.  How he thought it was a good idea to take 6 jumpers in the last four minutes I'll never know.  Dude is so out of control.  I don't think he did one good thing in the last 9 minutes of that game.  That is embarrassing.  It's obviously not all his fault but damn dude.  And how about that jumper at the end of regulation?  You think Scott Brooks said, hey, lets get Kevin a 35 footer?  Uh, no.  Just doesn't make sense.  Anyway, Mavs are a good veteran team, they'll be a force in the finals. 

We'll leave you with a perfectly timed photo.  One per night....

 - No more sex in 3.. 2 ..

Til next time....


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