Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thoughts on the last couple of days....

Some thoughts before I leave for another bachelor party.  When are these things going to end?  Hopefully never right?

1. That Reds game on Thursday really rubbed me the wrong way.  I understand the bullpen was spent, but you are telling me no one could throw another inning?  You just leave Thompson out there for three innings to give up 11 baserunners?  We get excited when Bruce ties it up, but I wouldn't have cared if I knew that they weren't even trying to win.  Look, I understand the not wasting the bullpen for the rest of the road trip and all that, but it still just irks me.

2. Thanks Reds for losing two times on my birthday.  Not just once, but twice.  Appreciate it.

3. That Phillips play when he got picked off of second was super embarrassing.  Nothing more to say other than that.

4. Nice bounce back win on Friday though at Atlanta.  Reds obviously could beat anyone and could lose to anyone, but with Heyward and McLouth out they should be able to hold down this Braves offense.  Arroyo and Cueto this weekend should be able to throw good games.  The only issue is that they have to face Lowe and Jurrjens who are also good pitchers.  I guess we'll take one out of two here. 

5. 2-6 on the road trip.  4-6 would have sounded awful about a week ago, but now I would definitely sign up for that.

6. Heat made the Bulls look bad.  I'll have my official prediction on the finals in a few days, but I think the Mavs will take it.  They won't fold in the clutch like the Bulls did, and they have Nowitzki who is a better closer than Wade, Lebron, and Bosh combined, he just is.

7. Bummer on that Lightning game last night.  You obviously can't win if you don't score a goal.  Great season by them though.  Overachieved for sure.  They won't think that right now, but they will in a week or so.  How coincidental is it though that the only guy that scored a goal should have been suspended.  Horton threw his water bottle into the stands at a Lightning fan after game six and hit him.  How is that not a suspension?  In the past, any interaction with a fan has been a suspension.  Why not this time?  Why?  NHL has egg on its face.

8. John Nagel Auto Trader update.  Nagel is currently in fourth place, 27 points behind first place.  Somewhere between 4-7 games remaining.  Top five get a prize.  Going to be intense, ha.

9. I hate the St. Louis Cardinals, hate everything about them.

10. Off to New Orleans for a couple of days.  Reds game Sunday night ESPN.  Four games out with 110 games to go.  Plenty of time, not concerned now.  Don't like the idea of being in third place though.

Til next time...


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