Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three to End It...5/25....

Three thoughts on Wednesday nights action...

1.  We will have a game seven on Friday night.  Great win by the Lightning.  These two teams are so evenly matched, anything can happen Friday night.  Roloson now 7-0 in his career in elimination games.  Someone is going to pitch a shutout in the final game.  Hope it will be Roloson.

2.  Mavs clinch and will await the Eastern winner.  Looks like I'll probably be rooting for the Mavs.  Which I am ok with.  Hard to root against Kidd, Marion, Terry, Dirk, those guys are pros and deserve a title.  Jim Carey could be the first comedian to win an NBA title.  Ok, that's not funny, I know.  But Dominique Jones is on the roster, he could be the first USF Bull to win a title.

Nagel, your picking is getting a little ridiculous.  Whoever you pick has the best game of their season.  For those of you that don't know, Johnny is fifth in the world in the NBA Auto Trader pickem game.  Winner gets 25 G's.

3.  Reds lose in 19.  Night.

Perfectly Timed Picture of the day...

 - Half of the accidents start with "Look what I can"

Til next time....


P.S.  30, uggh

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