Saturday, May 7, 2011

NBA Second Round Review...

Here are some things I've noticed after watching the first six days of the Second Round...six thoughts per team...kind of long, but just bullet points....


1 Derrick Rose is really good and deserved the MVP
2 Derrick Rose does NOT like to pass.  He is hitting shots so it is ok right now, but I wouldn't even run if I was a Bull and we had a fast break.  You aren't getting the ball.  It's like the catcher running to first to back up on a routine grounder.  I mean what's the point right?
3 Ya Rose had 10 assists the other day, but add in a 10-27 and 8 turnovers, so ya, he has some room for improvement.
4 Boozer just doesn't have the killer instinct at all.  It's funny when he tries to scream and be tough, it just looks faked.  Probably like the orgasm Michelle Money faked when they were together, AYOOO.
5 Noah is awesome.  I can see how no one likes him, but if he's on your team, you definitely like him. 
6 Luol Deng runs like a Kenyan, just runs and never stops, plays 44 minutes a game, you don't see that a lot anymore.


1 Crawford and Johnson can get their shots off at any time.  Two scorers could carry any team to new heights.
2 No downlow presence.  Horford is solid, but a solid three or four, nothing else.
3 Jeff Teague is emerging as a really good point guard.  Like really good.  They may have found something there for the future.
4 Josh Smith is still a freak athlete, but it's got to be demoralizing when he sets up for a shot and the whole crowd groans.  That can't help right?
5 They are just a few players away.  They always are.  They need a downlow tough guy like Landry or something like that.  It would go a long way for them.
6 Hawks suck, when they play poorly I bet all Magic players watching the games just turn off the tv and beat themselves up.

Bulls still take this series in five.  I don't see the Hawks getting another one.


1 Wade is definitely the leader of that team and it looks like LeBron is ok with that and he has been playing very well as the two man.  He may get his ring but the media will still rip on him.  He can't win.
2 James Jones is hitting the threes, that is a key for them, they need to be able to spread the floor.
3 Same thing with Bosh, he is playing well as the number three guy on the team, but the media is going to look at his stats and say, he sux because he is getting paid so much.  That's why they need a new CBA.
4 Wade and James whining and complaining after every miss makes me want to puke, but what are you going to do?  I say the only way to stop flopping is to have a department in the NBA that watches each game and they fine the players for awful flopping and for yelling at refs when they clearly fouled the guy.  Nothing big, but if you are a guy that does it ten times a game, it'll add up and it'll stop.  Screaming at refs because you didn't foul someone and having the crowd react and then seeing the replay and you raped the guy across the arm?  Cmon man, thats weak.
5 Bibby is done, Mike Miller is done, Eddie House is done, Juwan Howard is done.  If the big three don't carry them, they are toast.
6 They have the hottest cheerleaders, not even a question right now.


1 Ray Allen can get shots and make shots like no one I have ever seen.  Dude is awesome.
2 Paul Pierce is a bitch.  The way he stuck his face in Jones's face and dared him to headbutt him or slap him was super weak.  Bitch move and I'm glad he got tossed later in the game.
3 Garnett has lost it too, he use to go hard on every play, not so much anymore.
4 Im not going to say the Perkins trade killed them, but they really have no one downlow with a tough presence now.  Unless Shaq shows up and tears it up, which won't happen.
5 Rondo is a weird duck too.  Sometimes you just see him standing there, and his shot is God awful. 
6 They are too old and this is their last shot.

Celtics could still make it a series, but a Heat sweep wouldn't surprise me.  I still have Celts in seven.


1 Kobe needs to shoot and do his thing.  When he gets to the foul line for a jumper, he makes it 90% of the time.
2 Odom needs to be out there more.  He can get to the rack at anytime.
3 Bynum is playing better and will be a force in the next year or so.  But he is right, his teammates don't trust him.  And I don't either.  He just looks a little clumsy.
4 Gasol is so weak.  God he is weak.  Everytime I watch him I think he is even more of a pussy then last time.
5 Fisher is ancient.  He can't guard anyone and neither can anyone off their bench.
6 Shannon Brown has potential to be a good player in this league.  He reminds me a little of John Salmons.  He could become a decent scorer in the leauge.  And his hops?  Out of this world.


1 Dirk may be the best player in the league right now.  You can't guard him.  He could score 35 a game in the regular season if he wanted to.  How do you guard him?  You can't really.
2 Kidd and Marion just play smart ball.  Make the open shots, run the break perfectly.  Great compliment players.
3 As I was saying, Chandler is the key new piece to this team.  He's the guy these Mavs teams have been missing.
4 Terry is lights out.  He makes every big shot and has such a quick release.
5 Jim Carey is a hell of a coach  Who knew?  He hates bats, we know that, but he can coach an NBA team.
6 Peja has the sweetest stroke in the game.  How that guy didn't end up being an all time great I'll never know.  Is he a bad defender or something?  Because with that stroke, he should be more like Ray Allen careerwise.

Look, I know the Lakers are done.  But if they win game four and go home and win game five, then game six becomes HUGGGGEEEE.  Mavericks would have all the pressure knowing that if they lose they are in trouble in game seven.  So game four is a really big game.


1 Westbrook is super fast and can get a shot at anytime.  If he gets a jumpshot, he'll be a top ten player in the league, if he isn't already.
2 When Durant is hitting, he's unstoppable, obviously, but he just doesn't miss, thing of beauty.
3 Ibaka and Perkins are good low post guys, they can defend anyone with power and speed.
4 Not a lot of depth on this team, could be their downfall.
5 Never been this far.  Pressure will be kicking in soon.
6 People say their might be an alpha dog issue.  I say if you have two guys that can score and take over, it's a plus.  You could say every team left has two big scorers, and that's why they are still in it.


1 Zack Randolph a top ten player in the league?  Huh?  Ya, he might be, and now he's getting paid like it.  Wait, no he's not, Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh are making 20 mil a year, ha.
2 Mike Conley is good, best Buckeye in the league by far.
3 Marc Gasol better than his brother?  Maybe.  Definitely wants it more than his brother, and if they would have met in the Conference Finals, he would have dominated Pau.
4 Battier and Tony Allen just fly around the perimeter, great defenders.
5 This team thinks they are unbeatable and that isn't a bad feeling to have.
6 OJ Mayo, wasn't he supposed to be one of the best ever?  Just goes to show you that being a punk in high school and showing off doesn't mean shit.  But he is actually a good NBA player, just not a star.

No clue what happens in this series.  I say the Thunder still take it. 

Til next time...


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