Saturday, May 14, 2011

NHL Conference Finals Preview....

First off, lets see how we did in the Second Round...

Capitals vs. Lightning
Prediction...Lightning in six...Actual...Lightning in four...
Amazing.  Lightning just downright dominated the Caps.  Feel like they haven't played in a month.

Bruins vs. Flyers
Prediction...Bruins in six...Actual...Bruins in four...
Domination in this series also.  Flyers had no chance like they did last year.

Canucks vs. Predators
Prediction...Canucks in five...Actual...Canucks in six...
Canucks were in charge this whole series.  Kind of handled it like they did against the Blackhawks. 

Sharks vs. Wings
Prediction...Sharks in seven...Actual...Sharks in seven...
Damn, nailed that one.  Great series, each team deserved to win.  Only one can win though.

So overall, got all four of them right.  One exactly correct.  I'm on a roll.  I'll take full credit.



3 Boston Bruins vs 5 Tampa Bay Lightning
Well, it seems like we've been waiting for this series for a week, its because we have.  Lightning haven't played since May 4th.  Each team has some strengths.  Bruins have the best overall goalie.  Lightning have the hottest goalie.  Bruins have Chara.  Lightning have more depth.  Bruins are missing Bergeron possibly.  Lightning are at full strength and their second line with Downie, Moore, and Bergenheim are on freaking fire, and that's not even talking about Stamkos, Lecavalier, and St. Louis.  Of course I like the hometown team but I feel like I have good reasons for them.  Boston is the home team though and if they take the first two, the Lightning could feel the pressure and wilt.  They are however 5-1 on the road in these playoffs.
Lightning in 6.


1 Vancouver Canucks vs 2 San Jose Sharks
Funny how we get here.  But it doesn't matter how, all that matters is that the top two teams in the conference are in the finals.  Sharks seem to have more offensive firepower then the Canucks.  Canucks have a great goalie but Niemi is playing even better right now so that is a wash.  Canucks having home ice is huge in this series.  I'm not sure who wins, but I think with the way the Sharks had to persevere, I think they will take it.
Sharks in six.

So far I've nailed 11 out of 12 series correct.  So it looks like you can take San Jose vs. Lightning to the bank.  Some real hockey tradition cities right?  Ha.


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