Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reds Recap 5/17...

Ok, this is just getting ridiculous now.  Reds are finding new ways to win every night.  So many guys are coming through it's unbelievable really.  It's like a quote I read from Scott Rolen last year.  When the team is down, they just go in the dugout and they aren't wondering if they are going to win, they are wondering how they are going to win this time.  They'll get the win, it's just who will come through this time?  What a great mindset to have and it's something that will just keep snowballing wins if you keep thinking that way.  Wins are wins, and you need to rack them up as quickly as you can.  Losing streaks will happen, but you can sustain them if you go on 8-2 runs like this first. 

- 25 wins are tied for the most in the majors right now. 
- 8 games over .500 for the first time all year. 
- Cardinals win so the lead stays at 1.5. 
- 11-3 in the last 14 games in a row, all against Central opponents. 
- 5-0 in the 20 game in a row span that they are working on. 

Now to some quick thoughts on tonights game against the Cubbies....

First I would like to break down Thom Brennaman.  I like Thom Brennaman so this isn't just a rip on Thom rant.  But when he is the booth with Brantley he just complains so much more.  Obviously he's going to be a complainer because he is the son of Crybaby Marty as my dad calls him.  But when he's with Welsh he's a lot more positive.  The Brantley peer pressure gets to him.  He made a couple funny comments today.  One being when he said, the Reds are so happy to have Rolen back, it's like he never went on the DL.  Oh Thom, actually it's like he TOTALLY DID GO TO THE DL.  He was playing awful and couldn't hit anything when he went to the DL.  That rest he got must have been some good rest because he is absolutely on fire right now.  But before he went down, he was starting to be called the Rally Killa.  Another nice comment is when he started ripping on Janish for lining a first pitch fastball right at the center fielder.  Claiming he was an easy out on the first pitch, whoa is me.  Then Janish gets a hit next time up on the first pitch and it's being aggressive.  Just relax Thom, relax.

Awful bunt today but Hanigan, but what a great result. 

Lewis showing tremendous speed on that infield single.  I don't care what anyone says, he could destroy Phillips in a sprint.

Had to feel good to be at that game.  You could hear the Cubs fans start to get really obnoxious once they got that lead late in the game.  Then after the Reds took the lead you could feel the Reds fans just letting them have it, thats the best.  I always say, the only thing better than beating a team is letting them think they are going to win and then ripping their hearts out.

Just one argument with Dusty tonight.  Probably should have brought Bray in to face Campana.  Of course you can always play hindsight manager but it looked like he made the wrong decision.  Dusty makes mostly correct decisions, that's why that one stood out a little more.

To all you Volquez booers, just shut up.  He throws two balls and people start booing.  Are you serious?  Is it more fun to complain and hate then it is to root the guy on?  He's going to be a huge part of this team this year, no doubt about it.  He got one hard hit ball against him and I see tweets asking if it is time to send him down to the minors.  I mean you have got to be kidding me.  I hope you all cheered him when he left the game, giving up three runs, six innings, nine K's and only one walk.  But I'm sure you didn't.  I for one support the guy and look forward to him tearing it up later this year.

Oh, and nice job hitting your cutoff man Fukudome, who are you trying to be, John Nagel?  At least you didn't act like it slipped out of your hand like Nagel did every time, ha.

Til next time....



  1. Indians sneak in a 26th win, so one behind.

  2. The booing at the Stadium is ridiculous. Fans will boo anything at GABP. even a fan in the stands that failed to snag a foul ball. pathetic. made some great points though. Reds are hot right now and BP is raking.