Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reds Recap 5/10...

Ten points after Tuesday nights game...

1. Homer Bailey has come out on freaking fire.  Seven innings, no runs, and he just looks great right now.  I haven't seen a guy look that smooth and have that great of balance in awhile.  2-0.

2. Votto came out raking after his day off.  Hopefully this is where his tear starts.

3. Chapman needs to get it together.  Couldn't throw a strike at all.  3 walks, a hit batter, three runs given up.  Last seven guys he has faced have reached base.  His body language was bad too.  He had the look like, get me the hell out of here.

4. Masset was the savior tonight.  Came in and made guys look awful, good to see.  We'll need him all season. 

5. Bruce with another homer.  Had a couple bad at bats again, but he has been squaring up a lot of balls lately so that is a very good sign.

6. Dusty talked about this last year.  The Reds need to have more of a killer instinct.  Yes they were up 6-0 from the very beginning and controlled the whole game, but they left 13 guys on base.  Many times they had guys on third with less than two outs and failed to get them in.  They did this a couple times last year and got burned.  Did that at Arizona this year and lost the game.  You need all those runs to put the other team out of it for good.

7. Cairo got drilled on the elbow, hope he is ok.

8. Janish missed his fourth straight game.  Hopefully he's back on Friday.  He should be, he said he is ok.

9. Big start by Volquez tomorrow.  2 out of 3 doesn't seem like enough.  Need to sweep the Astros and ride into the 20 games straight streak on Friday.

10. 1 game back of the Cards.  Six out of seven.  20-16.  One pace for 90 wins now.  Seven straight great starts by the starters.  Time to go on a huge roll now.  Day game tomorrow.


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