Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buckeye Nation Confused?

I sure hope so.  A lot of the opinions I'm hearing from Buckeye fans are waayyyy different from the one's I'm hearing from everyone else.  So my only conclusion is that Buckeye fans are either confused or blinded by their bias.  I know we all can be like that with our own teams, but you have to see the truth in it sooner or later, otherwise you're just lying to yourself.  Here are some of my observations on all things Buckeyes in the last two days.  Some serious, some funny, mostly all fun to talk about, given the circumstances of course.  (I'm not going to lie, I'm not exactly a Buckeye lover.)

First off, Buckeyes fans have to be struggling right now.  They always wanted to tell you how great their program was, how clean it was.  They would always be the first ones to tell you that Auburn cheats, Newton is a cheater, USC is pathetic, blah blah blah.  Not us, we are perfect.  Well, now you are no better than anyone else.  Ya I agree that pretty much all top teams in college football do the same thing and they are all cheaters, but hey, now you are part of that group.  So that leg you always thought you could stand on, it's over, admit it.  Sorry.

Like I said earlier, Jim Rome had a great take on the whole thing.  He said that he understands why Buckeye fan is mad, it makes sense, but just remember, Tressel did this to himself and he has been doing it for decades.  He has a long track record for shady shit.  So saying he is just the scapegoat and whatnot is not a true statement at all.  The raffle tickets thing is hilarious.  And the first jersey goes to....Chris Carter.  Next pair of cleats goes to Keith Byars, hahaha. 

Look, I think Tressel is a good guy, I think he probably has helped a lot of young people in his life, but that doesn't excuse him from being a cheater and a liar.  You can't just shove the bible in everyone's face and write books on integrity and expect it to get you through life.  You have to actually live by what you supposedly stand for.   Someone was saying that he'll get another job somewhere else because of his track record of success.  Ok, but couldn't you say that he has succeeded due to be a liar and a cheater?  How is that considered success then? 

Some might say that free tattoos isn't a big deal.  And some say they should be able to sell their gear and awards if they want to.  I start to agree, but where do you draw the line?  What if some booster said, hey, if you come to OSU just sell me a signed jersey when you get one and I'll give you ten grand.  Where do you stop it?  You have to say no to everything or it will just keep stretching.  And it's not like the coach will stop it, not when he's getting the top recruits.

If you want to know who the next coach will be, just listen to Fox Sports Chris Landry.  Whoever he predicts will definitely NOT be the next coach, I can assure you that.  Worst analyst and predictor ever, had to get that off my chest.  If Urban Meyer goes there, it will be awesome.  He is a quitter and a liar too.  Might be a good fit.  I say just stick with Fickell, he'll want to do the right thing and he has something to prove.

Overall I think this is awesome and I hope the school gets punished to the greatest extent possible.  A couple years with no bowls, take away recruits, all of it.  It's obviously not all Pryor, but he is never going to play for OSU again and I bet if you asked Tressel, he would admit that when Pryor signed he probably knew that there was no way he would play four years without something like this happening.  We all kind of knew this was going to happen with him.

Good luck Buckeye fans, can't wait to hear your spin on it all when the sanctions come down.  Til next time...


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