Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three to End It....5/24....

Three thoughts on Tuesday's night in sports...

1.  Huge win by the Reds.  If you think about it, everyone had a little bit to do with the victory.  Stubbs with a huge throw home to cut down a run.  Phillips with a two run single.  Votto, two hits, and a great defensive play.  Rolen with an RBI single.  Bruce with the huge hit that we all know about.  Hernandez with a double.  Heisey with a single, and a bonehead play in left, but it's forgiven.  Janish had a couple nice plays in the field.  Cueto pitched a good game.  He battled, kept the team in the game, it's all you can ask for from your starter.  Ondrusek didn't let anyone score.  Bray ate up five outs.  Cordero with a clean save.  Just a nice team win.  Only one win, but any win is big right now. 

6-6 in the 20 game string without a day off.  Weird way of getting to 6-6, but a .500 record nonetheless.  You don't strive to go .500 in 20 game stretches but 12-8 is a good record.  Reds could still get there.  Old cliche, but really, it's just one game at a time.  Halladay and Lee in the next two, just need to steal one of those and you're happy. 

That Bruce hit was easily the second biggest hit of the year so far.  Some people like to say number one, but we all know how we felt when Hernandez went deep on Opening Day.  That feeling is going to be really hard to beat. 

Thom Brennaman, please chill out dude.  Your hatred for certain players and love for other players is so obvious.  It gets to the point where I want certain guys to succeed more than others and I don't want to be that kind of a fan.  Loved when you called out Janish for being 1-32.  Ya, we know that is bad, but then you proceeded to say that the left fielders have also struggled a little this year.  Ha, your buddy Gomes is beyond struggling.  Janish could go 0 for his next 30 and not be at Gomes average.  You had some more zingers in there but I don't want to break them all down.  Just chill man, it's a long season, don't alienate your fans.  I'm one of your fans, I don't hate you, but when the team is struggling, you are really hard to listen to.

ESPN2 tomorrow.  Nice.

2.  Lightning have to start Dwayne Roloson tomorrow night in game 6.  He's something like 9-0 lifetime in elimination games that he has started.  He's the one that got you there, you need to ride him.  Please do not let those Boston fans celebrate on our home ice.  Boston fans are battling for the second worst fans in all of sports.  It's never really a contest for number one.  Pittsburgh takes the cake there, not even close.  Which team hasn't had a winning season since 1992?  Which team lost the last ever NFL game?  Which team is the last to blow a 3-1 lead in a playoff series?  That's Pittsburgh for all of those.  Most loyal fan base in all of sports is what I heard once.  I said, oh ya, how are the Pirates doing?  Oh wait, you don't acknowledge the Pirates, how convenient.  Losers.

Sharks, choking it away again.  Didn't stay up for OT, so don't know the outcome was.

3.  Another overtime game.  Great game again.  First off, definite charge on Lebron at the end of regulation, the fact that he complained makes me hate him more.  And how about that dunk by Lebron when Deng got out of the way?  You could read his lips and he said, "I wish he would have jumped for that shit!"  Bosh actually starting to look like he is worth some money. Obviously not as much as he is actually getting paid, but he's playing well.  This series is probably over.  Bulls have the team to win another game, just don't see how they can win three in a row.

Perfectly Timed Picture of the Day....

 - Recreating the Tiger Woods affairs

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