Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reds Recap 5/13.....

My take on what we just saw Friday night....

1. Arroyo looked good at times.  He didn't have his best game, but you can't say he is looking bad or is off or anything.  Some nights you just don't get the desired results.  He battled and kept them in the game the best he could.

2. Stupid play by Phillips to try to get to third on that Rolen ground ball.  I like the idea, but sometimes you have to realize that you are in the big leagues and those kind of plays don't work anymore, but good aggressive idea, just a bad decision.

3. A couple tough breaks for the Reds tonight.  The lineout to second by Hanigan with two on and none out was brutal.  The one hop rocket by Stubbs to short was bad luck.  He hits it weaker or two feet to each side and Lewis scores easily.  That is baseball for ya. 

5. Speaking of Lewis.  Big series, all righty pitchers for the Cardinals, so not having Gomes in there and putting in Lewis speaks loudly on what Dusty is thinking.  I think Gomes is out and this is Lewis's spot to lose.  And he had a good game today, he's a good hitter.  Heisey obviously is right there too, but he is such a good pinch hitter that he is dang near more valuable off the bench right now.

6. Im going to have to disagree with Dusty's decision to put in Leake in the seventh inning.  You can't bring in a guy with no experience in that type of situation in this type of game against your rival.  Plus, there was an off day yesterday, so everyone is available.  I know you don't want to use Masset there, but Ondrusek?  LeCure?  Someone can step in there that has done it before.  Technically Leake didn't surrender a run, but it's just a questionable decision that I didn't agree with.

7. Loved Thom Brennamans comment when Wood came in to pinch run for Hanigan.  He said that Wood might be fast but that he isn't an experienced baserunner.  Ha.  What, like he never played high school baseball and ran the bases?  I'm sure he knows how to run the bases and would do just fine.  Then of course, he gets doubled off of first on the weakest line drive I've ever seen hit by Heisey.

8. I can't say enough about Ramon Hernandez's clutchness.  The guy is just such a pro.  He knows what to look for and takes advantage of the pitchers outside pitches.  Some guys in that situation would try to pull one outta here for the win, not Ramon, he just takes it the other way and almost wins it himself.  And a great play by getting in that rundown and allowing Heisey to get to second.  Reds were going to have a guy on second with one out either way, but by getting in that rundown, he got the faster guy to second.  I realize that wasn't his plan, but hey, it worked out.

9. Great to see Votto come through with the game winner.  Sometimes we just expect so much from him, but he hasn't come through very much lately in big spots.  Hopefully this will help ease his stress and get him going.  And everyone knows we don't want him stressed.  Last time that happened he missed five weeks with depression, anxiety, or whatever it is that he had.

10. Gomes looked awful on that at bat.  I feel bad for the guy, he has no idea what he is doing up there. 

11. Masset is totally turning the corner.  When that guy is on, he is really unhittable.  Cordero pitched well also.  The bullpen is doing great.  Just not sure what to do with Chapman right now.  He needs to get his confidence back or something.  Awful body language with him right now.

12.  Big game on Saturday.  Cueto has pitched very well against the Cards in the past.  Only a half game out right now, chance to take first on Saturday.  I'll be at the Rays game so I won't be able to watch, but I'll be checking the stadium scoreboard. 

13. Just a flat out great win tonight.  Probably the best game of the year.  Hopefully this is one of those games that gets the team rolling.  Either way, that is 7 out of 9 now.  Lets go....Til next time....


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