Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reds Review 5/8...

Cueto and Bailey are back, Bruce is starting to hit.  Maybe Stubbs will get it going.  Things are looking up. 

Starting rotation has only given up 7 earned runs in the last five games.  Three wins, one no decision, and one win that was blown.  This is the rotation that everyone expected all year, and they are finally healthy and ready to go.

Votto and Phillips haven't been raking as of late but they'll get it going again.  Hernandez and Hanigan took a couple of weeks off but they are showing some signs of getting it going again.

Francisco is off to a rehab assignment, hopefully he'll be ready to go in a week.  No timetable has been set yet for Rolen, so who really knows.  Janish should only be out another game or two with his ankle sprain.

Chapman is starting to scare people.  But the people he is scaring is his own fans.  He is wild, and when he gets wild, he can't find the plate at all.  Let's hope this is just a slump.

Gomes just has no clue right now.  Give Heisey the starting nod, or even Lewis.  Like I say every time, I like Gomes so I'm not rooting against him or anything, but he has to sit the pine.  Like Tupac said, Bury Me a G.  It meant bury Gomes on the bench.  Not funny, I know.  I don't know why I thought of that.

1.5 games out, lots and lots of games to be played.  On pace for 86 wins as of right now.  Probably won't get you the division, but it would put you right in the thick of it.

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