Monday, August 1, 2011

August Preview....

Let me start by saying that I'm still frustrated with the Reds, and I'm not happy, but I never completely jumped off the bandwagon, so don't say that I'm a flip flopper. 

I think the Reds are going to throw up a nice 18-10 August and get back into this thing.  First place?  No.  But maybe be only three games out or something like that with a month to go.  That would be considered a pennant race in September. 

As most of you know, the Reds only play three against a winning team (Pittsburgh) until the last three days of the month.  So that is 22 out of 25 against teams with losing records.  Now we all know that doesn't mean shit for the Reds since they have always underachieved against the bad teams.  But, we all have been saying all year that this team is going to get hot sooner or later and start getting lucky and pulling out close games. Well, if that happens now against poor teams, they can really get going.  Yes I'm hoping that happens, but the fact of the matter is, it really could.

Right now only a few guys are seriously scuffling.  Phillips, Votto, Cairo, Bruce, Stubbs, and Renteria have all had pretty good games since the all star break, if they stay consistent, the production could be there.  The bullpen has shown signs of life.  Cueto and Leake are dang near automatice right now.  Arroyo is usually a second half guy.  Ya, I know he has sucked recently, but when you are a second half guy, I think you should be given a chance to do that again before given up on.  No?

The Pirates are done, they'll be playing to finish over .500 this year, not to challenge for the division. 

The Cardinals still lack the good starting pitching if you asked me.  Although the Furcal addition scares me, he always kills the Reds.

The Brewers are in the same boat.  Ya they can hit and they can win at home.  But other than Greinke, they don't have a real tough pitcher to go against.

Astros and Cubs are must wins right now, you have to not only win the series, but feel like you can sweep them.

I'm ok with the Reds not trading away people.  Do you really think this team is one guy away from being a contender?  No, absolutely not, so in that case, why mortgage the future?  BUT, I think I would have made a move simply because I was looking at it like this.  Let's say the Reds could have gotten Jimenez with a package of Alonso, Mesoraco, and Wood and throw in Burton or someone like that.  Ya you are giving up two studs but you could go into next year with Cueto, Jimenez, Bailey, Leake, and Arroyo.  And heck, that's not even mentioning Volquez who I believe still has the game.  You trade him for a decent bat and next year looks good.  Trade deadline deals aren't always for that season, they can be for the future too.  That's why I think they should have made a move.  Oh well, we'll never know what could have been, although the same trade could be made in the offseason.

I know it sounds dumb, but one game at a time.  Tonight's game is big.  They lose this one and the same demeanor comes out of everyone.  But they win this one they make truly start to believe that the hot streak has arrived.

Enjoy the rest of the month, hopefully it's fun, I'm not quite ready for football.  Til next time....


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