Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thoughts on 8/10....

Reds win, Reds win, one in a row. 

PGA Championship prediction...

My top four guys are Jason Day, Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson, and Hunter Mahan.

I think Tiger finishes in the top ten, never really threatens but he'll be a big part of the conversation.  I just can't see him having a bad week and being totally awful.  Although I am definitely not ruling it out. 

Bought my first app today for my IPhone.  PGA Championship app.  It should send me an alert everytime one of my guys gets a birdie or eagle, ha.

Pretty pumped for the Broncos game Thursday night.  It'll be nice to see the jerseys again.  I want to see Dumervil in action again, it's been forever.

Phillips out, Rolen out, Cozart out, the injuries just keep piling up.  When do they run Volquez back out there again?  Will Dusty be back?  How about Renteria getting enough at bats to hit his escalators in his contract?  Will Bruce get to 100 this year?  He has 91 currently. 

Ok, off to bed....

Til next time...


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