Sunday, August 7, 2011


Just some thoughts....

Should be a football game tonight, we are getting jobbed.

Thursday is the first day of Preseason games, how cool does that sound?

Interviewing a caddie on the 18th green?  Really?  I don't even think I have anything to say about that.

PGA Championship this weekend.  Does Tiger even make the cut?  Doubt it.

Shot 10 under this Saturday at the Celina Boosters.  We left a few shots out there, but the winner was -17, we definitely didn't have that in us.  Neil outdrove a couple 330 yard par fours.  How do you do that?

I hate Nick Masset.  Use to like him, can't stand him now.  Throw some strikes dude.

Does Jay Bruce ever NOT strike out with a guy in scoring position?

Good to see Shannon Sharpe in the Hall.  My first jersey my mom ever got me was his.  I now have two Hall of Famer jerseys, Sharpe and Elway.  I need Davis, Atwater, Cutler, and Bailey to get in there to make my Hall of Fame room sweet one day.  I think Bailey makes it.  The others?  Doesn't look like it.

Less than three weeks until we are homeowners.

Good luck Brandon Klose.  Finally going to do something you want to do, good for you.

Get well soon Johnny Nagel, it'll be over before you know it.

When is it going to cool off around here?  I'll probably regret saying that in a couple months.

Watched Hall Pass and Hot Tub Time Machine Saturday night.  Actually both were pretty good.  I'll give Hall Pass the nod, really funny.

Ok, that's enough for today.  Sorry it took so long to post, I'm killing my loyal readers.  I'll make up for it.  At least four a week from now on, I promise.

Thanks for reading.


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