Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thoughts on 8/14....

Tough loss for the Reds on Sunday, 4-3 compared to 5-2 just seems a lot different.  Doesn't really matter though, zero chance to catch the Brewers.  Wake me up when they lose a game.  I guess if you are the Reds, your goal is to get to .500, then maybe catch the Cardinals for second, and if the Brewers end up losing 15 out of 20 during that stretch, great, but don't count on it. 

You know what the say, every team will lose 54 games and every team will win 54 games, it's just what you do with the 54 games in between.  Reds have lost their 54 and won their 54, so you could say they are 5-8 in those other games.  Need to probably go 31-10 the rest of the way to have a chance.  Ya, that's what I thought.

We went to the games on Friday and Saturday.  Really fun games.  Lots of bombs on Saturday.  Dave Sappelt ruined the game though.  The Reds had 13 runs with ZERO left on base.  Unbelievable.  I don't know what the record is for most runs in a game without a LOB, but I bet that would have been the record.  But of course, with two outs in the eighth, Sappelt singles and gets left on. Thanks man.

What was Votto doing in Sunday's game not going halfway on that popup down the line?  No one was on first, so what are you doing?  Then Phillips not turning that double play cost them a run.  Just a sloppy game all around.

Sat in the stands down the right field line on Saturday.  Got a ball hit to me in BP.  Leaned over the railing, stuck my hand out, boom, right in my hand, dropped it.  So pissed, would have been a highlight reel catch.  I feel like I let the whole family down. 

Broncos played well I think.  I didn't get to watch the game but the stats looked good.  Orton moved the team pretty well.  He will always be able to convert third downs better than Tebow.  If you blitz Tebow, he can't make decisions quick enough to make anything happen.  It's true, sorry.  And the Defense is going to be vastly improved this year.  Dumervil, Von Miller, Ayers...Bunkley and Warren up front.  Some fresh rookies at safety.  Looking forward to it.

Feel bad for Jason Dufner, he should have had that.  I like the way he handled it though, he seemed in control.  He is just treating it like another tournament, the way you should.  I'm not a Keegan fan, he looks a little bit like a hothead, I hope he never contends again.

I could have won some money in a pool I was in, but my boy Sergio had to dunk two balls in the water on the 18th.  Thanks dude.

Ok, the end.  Til next time.....


Broncos practice at Invesco.

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