Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Thoughts....

The Reds sure do play a super boring brand of baseball.  How do you just consistently NOT get the job done with RISP?  It's almost awesome the opposite way.  It's like trying to get every pick wrong in streak for the cash.  If you get a great streak, it's almost as impressive as actually picking the right games. 

This Pryor thing is a joke.  WHO FUCKING CARES!?!?!??!?!  Why does ESPN have to make a big deal out of such not big issues?

So this Alonso issue that we are having right now.  I think it's time to give Alonso a chance at first and move Votto to left.  Remember, Votto played left in the minors, he came up as a left fielder.  Votto isn't an awesome first baseman, so it's not like we would be losing a great defender.  Plus, Votto has more speed and a better arm than Alonso so he works better in left.  Just think if it worked and you went into next year with Alonso, Bruce, and Votto as your big lefty hitters?  Sounds nice right?

The funny thing is how the first thing people think is, wait, do you think Votto would go for it?  Who fucking cares?  You're paying the guy 8 figure dollar amounts, he needs to do what you say he has to do.  Pujols moved to third this year for the team, Phillips asked to leadoff to help the team, and we are worried about what Votto might think? Give me a break. 

Another thing is, we all know Votto is going to leave the Reds in a couple of years because he wants more money.  Well there are a shitload of good first baseman out there that are going to get huge contracts.  How many power hitting MVP left fielders are there?  Uh, zero.  So it's not like it would be a bad thing for him.

Looking forward to the next few's a quick list of things I'm pumped for...

Closing on a house
Moving into the house
Two fantasy football drafts
College Football starts
NFL starts

Damn, let's get it going.

Anyone watch the Bachelor Pad?  Great, great, great show.  Hot girls, fucking arrogant people, funny host, just good quality reality tv.  Ya, I know it's pathetic, but if it makes you laugh, then watch it.

Just can't get into this preseason football.  The only thing I really care about is injuries, and even those you don't know what to believe with ten different reporters making assumptions about it.  Wake me when the season starts, please.

Monday we get to play our own game of sports reporters.  It's the keeper deadline in my ESPN fantasy league.  You have to be down to six guys by 5PM.  We cut guys throughout the day and make up stupid stories about how each player handles it.  Stupid?  Hell yes, but it gets us through the day.

Here is how my team looked at the end of last year....

Ahmad Bradshaw
Knowshon Moreno
Pierre Thomas
Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis
Terrell Owens
Steve Johnson
Kellen Winslow

Now here are my six keepers....

Ahmad Bradshaw
Reggie Bush
Brandon Lloyd
Davone Bess
Chad Ochocinco
Kellen Winslow

I would say my team improved, but who the hell knows.  I can't wait to find out though.

Til next time....


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