Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This Tebow thing is starting to get kind of comical.  He's not good enough.  Players are saying that if the Broncos made Tebow the starter that the coach would lose the locker room because the players know there is no way Timmy should be starting.  That's good enough for me.  Orton gives you the best chance to win, and there is really no way to dispute that.

Reds suck really bad.  It doesn't even make me sad anymore, they just can't beat anyone.  No clutch hitting at all, like at all.  Willis looked good but sometimes you have to shut a team out to get a win, maybe he'll do that next outing.

If you watched the game...Votto, 0-1 pitch right down the can, fouls it back, come on dude, come through for the team.

How about Real Madrid signing that 7 year old?  Ha, hilarious.

Preaseason football starts Thursday, can't wait.

I can't believe this stuff I'm hearing about the Reds ending the Alonso expirement in left field.  Really?  After three starts?  How stupid is that?  And if you really want to try him at third, then send him back to AAA and bring up Francisco.  He'll get practice that way right?  You can't practice just before the game, you need live action.  I just feel like they are really fucking this shit up right now.

Dusty won't be back, no way.  He signed a one year contract for this very reason, because he wanted to be able to leave.  I just don't see why in the hell he would want to stay, not with the issues they have right now.  This team might look very different next year.

Damn it, we failed.  Brian and I texted the Reds Live show, our texts didnt make it.  Here is what we wrote...
"Fred Lewis starting LF 2012."
"Fireworks Friday night, YES!!!!"
Should have come up with something gayer like, GO REDS, or BRUUUUCCCEEE!!!

Til next time...



  1. What does the record have to be, and how bad the offense for Denver to scream for Tebow? I mean everybody too, not just the idiots.

  2. If u look at their schedule they could really be 6-4 after ten games. The tenth game is a thanksgiving thursday night game. So i feel that if they are under .500 after that game, then they would give tebow the start the next week with 10 days to prepare. Thats my opinion.