Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pregame for Sunday Night Basebal and other notesl....

Really huge game for the Reds.  They all count for the same, but this one is big.  Need to get this second win in a row thing out of our systems. 

A win here could also get the Reds within three games of the lead.  Granted they are still in fourth place, but the closer you get, the better you feel.

Cardinals and Brewers play six at home next week against the Cubs and Astros, so let's just assume they'll win some of those games, that means the Reds need to keep pace, and not slip further away. The Pirates have games at Philly and at Atlanta.  Their swoon is going to start soon, and it is going to be awesome to watch.

Cozart to the DL is a pretty big hit to the team.  Janish will do fine, but he just isn't a scary hitter.  If he can just hit .250 and not commit any errors, that'll do.

I wonder if this makes the Reds want to deal for a shortstop more, less, or it doesn't affect them?  If I was to guess, I'd say they aren't going for a shortstop.  I think they will get Shields.  Rays are out of it now, and they haven't had a good catcher ever, and they need a first baseman.  Say goodbye to Grandal and Alonso. Both Miami products too.  Shields is still under contract for three more years, so he wouldn't be a rental.  I see something happening here.

Went to Neil's on Saturday.  He has automatic locks, just remember that if you ever go there.  I got locked out at six AM while letting the dog out.  Had to take a piss in the bushes with my shirt off, probably looked like a homeless man.

Watched Horrible Bosses today.  Actually really really funny, but really vulgar.  I have a feeling it's going to be one of those movies that lives on for a long time because it has a lot of catchy lines.  Definitely recommend seeing it.

Got the IPhone4 on Friday.  Haven't had anything other than a flip phone, with limited texts, and fifteen second videos in my whole life.  There is way too much going on with this thing, going to take a lot of learning.  I like it though, not going to complain.

Alright, enjoy the game, go Reds, go Willis, get this win.

Oh, and regarding the NFL.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Til next time...


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