Saturday, July 23, 2011

Recap of Friday Night's Game...

Tough loss.  You have to eventually start winning those games if you seriously want to contend.  I only watched the last five innings, so I didn't see the lost opportunity in the second. 

Masset through one bad pitch, missed his spot by two feet in the one spot you can't miss it.  That loser Uggla is hitting under .200 and he just busted the Reds.

Lewis with a huge homer.  I like his swing.  He just looks locked in some times.  Same token though, we could definitely have someone better out there via trade.

Bronson, what can I say?  You just are NOT getting the job done.  Hard to make excuses for you anymore.  You have to put up some wins, get the job done.  Right now you are on pace to make about one million dollars per win.  Who do you think you are?  CC Sabathia?

Five out now with the win by the Brewers.  Reds were 5.5 out at one time this year, so it's not the worst yet, but it is certainly getting there.

Please get this thing turned around, and do it now.  Two in a row would be a good start, but now we need to wait until damn near Monday for that to even possibly become a reality.

Til next time...


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