Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughts on 7/7...

So Cozart gets called up.  I'm cool with that.  I think the plan is to play him a little more than half of the games and Renteria the rest.  The hope is for Renteria to do well and maybe be able to trade him for something, anything.  Then when Janish gets it figured out to the point that he is at least salvagable, bring him back up and go with Cozart and Janish.  Then again a trade could still be in the works, but I really doubt it.

Reds are probably going to lose this game and fall below .500 again.  How depressing.  I'm like seriously bored watching the games.  Something needs to be done to snap out of this funk, for the team, the fans, the organization, everyone.

Come on NFL, get this thing done.  I keep hoping I go to and it just has the biggest picture of Goodell and Smith shaking hands.  Can you imagine the excitement if this gets done in the next week?  Free agency will go wild, banter will be off the charts, fantasy leagues will be drafting, trades, just nonstop action.  I think it will be so awesome that everyone will hope it would be like that every year.  The NFL annoys me with the offseason talk about who is better and what each team needs.  If it was just one month of talk, it would be so much better.

NBA is in big trouble.  Players talking about playing somewhere else until the lockout is over, ha.  Nightmare.

Haley is beating me in the Tour de France Fantasy League.  She may have some insider information.  And she probably doesn't even know she is winning.

Shot a 77 Monday at Elks.  4 birdies, an eagle, tripled the 17th.  Played too well to finish with such an average score.  I'll take it though.  Only the third time out all year.

I'll give you one story from last weekend.  John Nagel claiming he could jump the length of Klose's pool and dunk.  Didn't make it of course.  After we told him it was impossible, he then decided he was going to jump over the basket and dunk it on the way down.  It's about a 5 foot leap.  The chances of him doing that were about zero.  I thought it was so dumb that I blocked a shot so hard it hit his wife right in the face.  Had to teach the whole family a lesson right?  Kidding, I didn't try it, and I'm sorry, ha.

Dusty must go chants and blogs about to start?  Probably.  Not fair or warranted but they'll start.

Going to the NASCAR Sprint Cup race on Saturday.  Should I wear cut off jean shorts?  Any other rednecking things I should do?

British Open in six days.  I got money on Oosthuizen and Ishikawa.  Going with the longshots I guess. 

Til next time....

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