Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reds Recap 7/3...

Some super quick thoughts. 

Great game by Renteria.  If I had to guess, the Reds have been playing him more because they want to trade him if at all possible instead of cutting him.  Either way, he'll be gone and Cozart will be up in the near future.  If they can send him to a contender and get a single A guy for him, then great, do it. 

Two games out and only one game over .500.  Are they underachieving?  Absolutely, but any way you look at it, they are still in a pennant race.  So it's go time.

Tough seven game roady coming up.  Here is how the outcomes could go...

7-0  Unbelievable, not really possible, would get the Reds craze going to new heights.
6-1  Awesome, could damn near put them in first and make a good trade possible for the stretch run.
5-2  Great roady, right where they would want to be.
4-3  Should be the goal, that is what they want from this trip.
3-4  Honestly, acceptable.  I don't want to see it, but it wouldn't be the worst.
2-5  Piss poor, people will be jumping off of buildings.
1-6  Trade everyone, fire sale, I hate the Reds, Dusty needs to go, blah blah blah.
0-7  Reds are sellers, people are selling tickets, everyone is a scapegoat, lets talk about 2012.

Huge roady here.  Need to start moving forward instead of falling back.  But right now, staying pat would be ok under the circumstances.  I hope I still want to talk about the Reds in a week.  I think I will.

Til next time...


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