Sunday, July 10, 2011

Recap 7/10...

Not sure what to say.  The team is losing it.  Heck, I wasn't even phased by this loss.  It's like I've slowly become immune to it because it is becoming an everyday occurence. 

Ya, Cordero is blowing games and it is scary, but just last week people were saying he got snubbed from the all star game, so we can't just all of a sudden say he sucks and needs to go, it doesn't work that way.

Looked like there was a lot of dogging it going on in today's game.  That is also scary, because that doesn't happen when you are doing all you can to help the team win and earn the respect from your coach.  Stubbs didn't try to get to third in the second inning, then he barely made it home as he quit a few steps short of the plate.  On that double down the line you could see Phillips just jogging to get in line for the relay, Bruce threw it right down the line, Phillips had to sprint to get it which threw him off balance and caused a late throw.  You have to be there waiting to get set for a good relay, not jogging to the spot, cmon now.  Then there was Bruce jogging on his hit off the fence, and getting hosed at third when he should have been standing up.  And don't get me started on my boy Hernandez.  I like him, but holy shit, give some effort buddy.

It's just so demoralizing when you could have, and should have won three of those four games.  If you do that, you are two games above .500 and feeling really good about yourself right now.  Instead, we are all worried.  I don't want this season to end soon, no one does, but especially without football, we need this pennant race.

Still only four games out with a lot of games left.  So it's not the end of the world. If someone does get hot though, you better be ready to get hot yourselves, or you'll be left in the dust.

And please please stop saying you hope the Pirates make it if the Reds can't get it done.  Do you realize what you are saying????  Pittsburgh??  You want those piece of shit fans to be happy?  You better retract that right now.  You root against them more than the other teams, please, for the love of God.

How about that soccer game huh?  Awesome.  Those bitches flopping was the worst thing I've ever seen, but what are you going to do?  It's part of the game of soccer, it's pathetic.  I read a tweet today that was really funny, I can't take credit, it wasn't me, but it read...."#13 on Brazil, Erika, just had one of the greatest medical recoveries in the history of modern medicine"....ha.  How awful was that?  She lays down, gets strapped on the stretcher, jumps off, runs back on the field, her teammates give her slaps on the back as if to say good job.  Wow.  Everyone in that building wanted the Brazilians to lose.  And by golly, it happened, and it was awesome.

British Open week.  I have Ishikawa and Oosthuizen.

Think this lockout will be over with this week?  Man I hope so.  Need something to get excited about.

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