Thursday, July 21, 2011

State of the Reds 7/21....

Let's take a look at the state of the Reds right now on this off day.  First off, here are the undeniable facts....

64 games to go
4.5 out
2 games under .500 (48-50)
4-6 in the last 10
Haven't won 2 games in a row for over 5 weeks.
Shutout twice this week and have scored 12 runs in the last 6 games combined.
Second in the NL in runs scored.
29-22 vs. NL Central
2-7 against the Pirates 

Below you can read the negative perspective and the positive perspective.  I would give a prediction of what I think will happen, but I'm too close to it.  I can't seem to give a logical prediction, I just want them to win and hope that they will win.  Let me know what you think will happen.  Enjoy.


On Tuesday night, I think I was officially more pissed off at this team then I have been in a few years.  I walked outside and just kept walking.  My wife asked me what was wrong.  I said, you know what is fucking wrong, I'm sick of this shit.  She said, oh, the Reds?  Yes, the fucking Reds. 

Let's look at what this team can't do.  They can't hit with runners in scoring position, they can't get leadoff hits or walks.  Can't get any big gamebreaking hits when they do happen to have a lead.  Can't get lucky at all, that's for sure.  I swear the Reds give up more bullshit hits then any team and seem to have more warning track shots than any team.  I just have no faith in anyone at the plate right now except maybe Cairo.  And if you asked anyone before the season where he would rank out of the 14 position players as far as hitters go, they'd probably tell you last, or next to last.  So ya, that's pathetic. 

Is there any hope that this team could turn it around?  I say no.  How could they?  No one has any confidence.  They have to jump three teams.  So even if they win a couple in a row, so will someone else, so they may gain on one team, but not necessarily in the division as a whole.  It's frustrating.  Do you all of a sudden see this team starting to hit?  And if they do start to hit, then the pitching will have to falter sooner or later because it actually has been pretty good lately.  A guy like Cueto can't keep it up all year can he?  History would say no.  History also would say that Bailey will get hurt again, Willis will get shelled after a few starts, and the bullpen will falter as the year goes on.

I just can't get the failure out of my head.  Bruce striking out on a 2-2 hanger with the bases loaded.  Other teams kill that pitch.  Not the Reds.  First and third Monday night with no one out.  1-3 putout, K, no runs.  Shit like that just doesn't happen.  Yet it's happening every damn game.  Hell, Dusty even said that some guys were missing signs on Monday night.  How are you missing signs when you are suppose to be digging deep and doing all you can to help the team win in a big series against the first place team.  It's unforgivable.

Will the coach try anything new?  Hell no.  It's the same damn lineup every night for the most part.  Heck, when the other team sees Rolen at six, Gomes at seven, Hanigan at eight, and the pitcher at nine, they have to be laughing to themselves.  And for God sakes, then you have Stubbs next, and maybe Renteria in the two hole.  That's damn near 6 automatic outs on some days.  Embarrassing. 

I wouldn't be surprised if they win 75 games and end up 12 games out, I really wouldn't.


Ok, but lets look at this in a positive light and see what the future might hold.  The Reds are only 4.5 games out.  They play a hell of a lot of division games left and have been faring pretty well in the division minus the Pirates.  History tells us they should be able to turn it around against them.  The other teams in the division all have holes and don't seem like they are going to run away with this.  Four games out at the all star break.  You make up a half game a week and you're there, so it's not like you need to do it all in a week.

These past six games the Reds wen't 3-3 against the best two teams in the division at the time.  Granted you need to do better than .500 from now on, but 3-3 isn't the end of the world. 

Ten game homestand coming up. Then a 15 game stretch after that involving no teams with winning records.  It's there, it could happen.  Lets say they only go 6-4 on this homestand.  Then throw in a 9-6 on the 15 game stretch.  Suddenly you're 3 games over .500, on a roll a little bit, and probably only 2 or 3 games out with almost 40 games to go.  And who knows, maybe with a couple new players for the stretch run.  Wait, can someone snag that straw that just went floating by me?  Thanks.

Votto can only get better from here right?  Bruce should have another hot month right?  Stubbs will hit again right?  We can't be this bad with a runner on third with less than two outs right?  This stuff has to even out for a team with a good hitting past and the second to most runs in the division, right?

One game at a time sounds stupid, but in this case, it's true.  You can't get back into first in a week, it's still a long haul and there is still a lot of baseball to be played.  That's why some of us love baseball, because it's a marathon and the whole six month trip is fascinating and fun, feels like a roller coaster.  Sometimes you're just smiling, sometimes you feel like you are going to throw up, that's just the way it goes.  You just hope at the end you look at your friends and say, "Wow, that was worth it, let's just stay on and ride a little longer."  I hope to ride this one until October, and I think I will.

Til next time...


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  1. I'm going to the game Tuesday night and it better not be as bad as the last couple I've watched... I'm really trying to be patient.

    My prediction is the Reds make a run, but end up just short. Too many opportunities missed...